A group of friends at a winery laughs and holds up their wine glasses in front of the vines at sunse...

30 Captions For Your Fall Winery Pics & The Grape Times To Come


Fall is about going on fun adventures with friends. Though, between apple picking one weekend and pumpkin carving the next, you might be feeling a tad exhausted. That's when a relaxing winery getaway may have everything you're looking for: foliage, friends, delicious snacks, and sips. Take in the autumn sights while enjoying different wines with your besties. All you need to complete this trip are fall winery captions to pair with every selfie.

During the summer, you might have been all about that rosé and frosé life. However, fall probably has you feeling a different kind of vibe. It's beyond cozy with all the warm, vibrant colors like orange, yellow, and red everywhere you look. You may find yourself drinking more reds to match the leaves on the trees. If you're unsure of what to drink, a trip to the winery for a tasting is always a fun plan. Try new tasty wines that are perfect for the season, while also soaking up those gorgeous #views of the fall foliage.

There's no need to spend valuable friend and wine time trying to come up with captions of your own. I have you covered for every picture you want to post with these 30 fall winery-themed captions.


1. "It's true that wine flies when you're having fun with friends."

2. "Just taking in the foliage with my glass of wine."

3. "This wine pairs nicely with a chill fall day."

4. "Instead of pumpkin picking, I'm picking out which wine I want to drink next."

5. "Very grapeful for our friendship."

6. "Just having a grape fall day."

7. "My favorite fall color is red... wine."

8. "Chardon-hey, fall."

9. "Just crushing fall one grape at a time."

10. "Wine not go to the winery?"

11. "I must be a witch, because I know how to make wine disappear."

12. "This fall, I'm on cloud wine."

13. "I've fallen for this wine."

14. "You're the wine I want to hang out with this fall."

15. "Fall's the perfect time to wine down with friends."


16. "Merlot, is it me you're looking for?"

17. "I have my Rieslings for picking the winery over the pumpkin patch."

18. "Witch way to the wine?"

19. "I'd never ghost you, wine."

20. "Fall trip with my partners in wine."

21. "I've got nothing to wine about this fall."

22. "Wow, wine really flies when you're having fun in the fall."

23. "I enjoy trips to the winery a Mer-lot."

24. "Fall and friends? Caber-yay!"

25. "I want to re-wine autumn."

26. "Fall is all about getting cozy with the wine you love most."

27. "Wines, vines, and fall times."

28. "I'v decided to uncork and relax this fall."

29. "You say, 'Pinot,' but I say, 'Pi-yeah!'"

30. "I fall in love with every wine I try."

Now that you have your captions ready, that means you have even more time to take in the views and sip wines. All you have to do is post and Mer-go have the best fall ever with the wines you love.