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30 Fall Leaf Puns For Instagram You Have To See To Be-leaf

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Fall is a magical time of year when all of the leaves on the trees show off their beautiful hues of red and yellow, and make their way to the ground to form the most vibrant leaf piles. I totally understand that it's just nature's way of prepping for the cooler months, but to me, autumn is like the makeover episode of America's Next Top Model — except instead of Tyra choosing the looks, it's Mother Nature, and I am totally here for all of the exciting changes. Yass, autumn, yass. You do your thing, and we'll be over here adding fall leaf puns for Instagram captions to all of your glamour shots.

If you're like me, you cannot stop taking pictures of nature in this particular season. I look forward to it all year long, and when I see my first batch of leaves on the sidewalk, I squeal in complete and utter delight. Whether you're also taking pictures among the fallen leaves, or close-up shots of the orange, yellow, and red nature, you totally need to top off your Instagram post with a punny fall caption, of course.

The best combination is always adding some humor to your beautiful shot, so a leaf pun to go along with your stunning fall foliage photo is an absolute necessity. Just like the leaves on the ground, we've collected these 30 fall leaf puns to use for Instagram captions. It makes posting those autumn nature pics easy and breezy, like the crisp autumn air many of us love so much.

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1. "I've fallen for you." — Tom Redwood

2. "I wood never leaf you."

3. "Don't be afraid to fall."

4. "I think I'm falling for you." — Colbie Caillat

5. "Don't leaf me!"

6. "I hate it when bae leaves."

7. "You don't like the outdoors? Unbe-leaf-able."

8. "I fernly beleaf my tree puns are qualitree."

9. "Leaf me alone."

10. "Orange you happy it's fall?"

11. "Holy crap, a leaf. Wow, another leaf. Whoa, another one!! How many are there? I can't be-leaf this!"

12. "Are you oakay? Yes, I'm pine."

13. "Plants are my buds."

14. "Chin up, friend! I be-leaf in you."

15. "Be nice or leaf."

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16. "FALL-ing in love."

17. "Be-leaf in yourself."

18. "Maybe they're born with it. Maybe it's maple leaves."

19. "Leaf through a good book."

20. "Just be-leaf in yourself."

21. "If you don't like fall, you can leaf me alone with my pumpkin spice latte."

22. "Don't stop be-leafing."

23. "Don't leaf me hanging."

24. "I be-leaf in you."

25. "Never leaf me."

26. "Make like a tree and leave."

27. "I'm going to turn over a new leaf."

28. "Nerdy by nature."

29. "Take a hike."

30. "Fall in love with moments."

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