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31 Fall Puns For Instagram Captions, Because "If You've Got It, Haunt It"

With autumn finally in full swing, there's so much to share with your Instagram followers. Trees are bursting with bright colors, seasonal drinks are everywhere to be found, and it's finally cool enough to wear that adorable scarf you bought at the thrift store last spring. The only things missing are the perfect fall puns for Instagram captions, which are sure to get both you and your followers laughing.

Whatever vibe you want to give your next post, there's definitely a pun for that. Pinterest and the clever minds of the Internet have blessed us with all of the seasonal wordplay you could ever imagine (you can thank them later). A quick browse will leave you with more options than you need, so you know you'll find something.

If you're a spooky soul who's ready for Halloween, there are plenty of puns for that. Between pumpkins, witches, and all things scary, hundreds (if not thousands) of puns are available for your next post. If you're into that cozy autumn aesthetic, there's something out there for you, too. All you've got to do is get a little creative and keep your eyes open for that genius play on words.


You've got that perfect snapshot, you've gathered your hashtags, and you're almost ready to post. You'll want to perfect your caption before you share it with the world, so make sure it's something that stands out among the masses of pumpkin pics and scarf snaps. If you can make your followers laugh, you're guaranteed to get another like on your post. Everyone will see your post and think you're very clever, when all you really had to do was get a little creative.

If you're ready to take your fall photographs to the next level, check out these crafty fall puns. They'll complement your photos to a T, and you'll look like you spent a ton of time putting the post together. It's a win-win.

For A Fall Selfie

1. "Hay there!" — Unknown

2. "Pumpkin spice and everything nice." — Unknown

3. "Fall so hard mother pumpkins wanna spice me." — Unknown

4. #RestingWitchFace

5. "Looking for puns? I'm a pun-king (JK, I'm a queen)." —Unknown

6. "Spice things up." — Unknown


For A Snap With Bae

7. "I've fall-en for you." — Unknown

8. "You are unbe-leaf-able." — Unknown

9. "Apple-y ever after." — Jane B. Mason

10. "I know it's corny, but you're a-maize-ing." — Unknown

11. "I put a spell on you." — Jay Hawkins

12. "Don't leaf me hanging." — Unknown


13. "Thank you for fall-ing into my life." —Unknown

14. "You are acorn-y person." — Unknown

15. "Hello, gourdgeous." – Unknown

16. "Stay BOOtiful." — Unknown

For A Gorgeous Landscape

17. "Oh my gourd I love fall." — Unknown

18. "You don't like the outdoors? Unbe-leaf-able." — Unknown

19. "Orange you glad it's fall?" — Unknown

20. "Leaf me alone, I just want to be among the trees." —Unknown


4. For Halloween

21. "Creep it real." — Unknown

22. "I'm here for the boos." — Unknown

23. "If you've got it, haunt it." — Rose Pressey

24. "Witch better have my candy." — Unknown

25. "Boo-yah." — Unknown

26. "Trick or treat yo' self." — Unknown

27. "Basic witch." — Unknown

28. "Boo, Felicia" — Unknown

29. "Eat, drink, and be scary." — Unknown

30. #SquadGhouls

31. "Bow down, witches." — Unknown


Feeling inspired yet? Get out there in the chilly air and colored trees and snap away like there's no tomorrow. You'll end up with some stunning fall photos that you know you'll want to share. Now that you have some amazingly clever captions to pair with your autumn pics, your post practically makes itself. Instagram is calling your name, and you must go.