30 Eggnog Puns For Captions To Pair With Your Eggcellent Sippin' Selfies

Eggnog may not be your go-to drink to enjoy year-round, but there's something about the holiday season that makes you want to sip it on the regular. I personally can't wait for all the cozy nights in, watching my favorite Christmas movies and enjoying a glass (or three) of eggnog. If you feel the same way, you'll need to be equipped with witty eggnog puns for captions when you want to post a selfie to the 'Gram.

If you're throwing a holiday party and getting your drinks organized, your menu wouldn't be complete without eggnog. You can make a non-boozy batch for everyone to enjoy, and also find a spiked eggnog recipe that your guests who are 21 or over will love. Even though it's only the beginning of December, I've already enjoyed my first eggnog of the season, and let me tell you, it was downright eggcellent.

When it comes to captions for your eggnog pics, there's nothing more fit for the occasion than a punny, clever line. Puns aren't for everyone, but if you love them, I have a real treat for you. To all of my fellow 'nog lovers out there, here is my holiday gift: these 30 eggnog puns. I can't wait to see all the sippin' selfies to come.

1. "You don't like eggnog? Well, yolks on you. That's just more for me."

2. "Be eggcellent to each other, and party on."

3. "Scrambling to get all my Christmas shopping done, but stopped for some eggnog."

4. "Facts: Eggnog is all that it's cracked up to be."

5. "You can't egg-nore the holiday cheer all around you."

6. "I beat you to all the eggnog puns."

7. "Some eggcellent sips right here."

8. "Hey Santa, no need to eggs-amine your list. I've been nice all year."

9. "Eggscuse me, just taking a little eggnog break."

10. "Don't be chicken. Try the eggnog."

11. "Christmas makes every day feel like a Fry-day."

12. "Is drinking eggnog a form of eggs-ercise?"

13. "If you're not laughing at this, you obviously can't take a yolk."

14. "I'm eggs-hausted from rockin' around the Christmas tree."

15. "I wish there was an eggs-press lane to Christmas Day."

16. "Waking sunny side up on Christmas morning."

17. "I'm just omeletting you know how much I love eggnog."

18. "I'm eggstatic for some eggnog."

19. "You crack me up every time we hang out."

20. "I'm terrifried of ending up on the naughty list."

21. "I'm so eggcited for the holidays."

22. "Use your eggnoggin."

23. "Nog, nog, noggin on heaven's door."

24. "I like pa-rum pum pum pum in my eggnog."

25. "Getting into the holiday spirits with some spiked eggnog."

26. "I'm so eggcited. I just can't hide it."

27. "Having a rumbelievable holiday with my eggnog."

28. "Does my love of eggnog make me egg-centric?"

29. "This eggnog is truly eggsquisite."

30. "If you can't tell by the eggspression on my face, this eggnog is getting me in the holiday spirit."