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3 Zodiac Signs Who’ll Definitely Google You Before The First Date

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When it comes to preparing for the first date with a new match, many people find themselves in a tricky predicament: To Google their date, or not to Google, that is the question. And the truth is, there's no "rule" or "right way" to approach vetting someone who you don't know well before meeting them in person. That said, some zodiac signs aren't as trusting as others, and may want to go on a deep dive for intel before they feel comfortable meeting for drinks — and can you really blame them? Just know that the zodiac signs who'll google you before the first date definitely enjoy playing Nancy Drew.


If there's any zodiac sign that hates feeling out of the loop or underprepared, it's certainly Leo. These outgoing and charismatic individuals are extremely picky about who they choose to spend romantic time with, so don't be surprised if they show up to your first date having done their homework. And in case you're wondering, "homework" is a euphemism for the countless hours they've likely spent scouring the internet for tasty tidbits of info that'll help them figure you out.


Known for being secretive, sensitive, and intense, Scorpios pride themselves on staying one step ahead. Trust is something Scorpio values above all else, and yet, it's the main thing they struggle to give to others. Their almost psychic ability to analyze new people can be intimidating, but just know that if a Scorpio shows up to a first date, it's because they've done their research and you've passed their initial BS-screening. However, there will be many more tests of loyalty to come, so be ready.



Crabs are some of the most loving, understanding, and kind people you will ever meet, but they aren't perfect. In exchange for all of the TLC they have to give, Cancers can be deeply insecure. Their insecurities and deep-seated fears of being hurt can make shell-dwellers quick to jump to conclusions. More experienced Cancers have likely been burned by their generosity and open-heartedness in the past, so they won't be afraid to do their due diligence on a potential date.

Ultimately, snooping on a first date is a personal decision and not something that you'll have any control over. The good news is that anyone interested in building a genuine connection with you won't be overly judgmental about what they find, so don't sweat it.

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