These 3 Zodiac Signs Need Extra Reassurance In Their Relationships

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When it comes to relationships, every zodiac sign's specific needs are different. While some crave constant stimulation and excitement, others want nothing more than consistency and a warm embrace. There are also certain zodiac signs who need extra reassurance in relationships from their partners. Although these sensitive souls may go to great lengths to put on a brave face when conflict or doubts about the relationship arise, it's tough for them to stay invested if they aren't being regularly reassured that they are loved and cherished by their partners. If you're dating one of the following signs, it's so important to make sure they always know how much you care.


At this point, it's no secret that Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. A crab dreams about finding lasting love, but their insecurities can make it tough for them to fully open up — and once they do, they need to constantly be reassured of their partner's feelings. Making sure your Cancer SO feels secure in your relationship is an ongoing part of being with these sweethearts. In return, Cancer will shower their partner with love, affection, and plenty of decadent food.


Like Cancer, Pisces is an emotional water sign whose mood constantly fluctuates. The same fluidity that makes Pisces so creative can also cause them to feel floaty and unanchored in their romantic partnerships. For this reason, Pisces needs to forge a bond with someone with a romantic streak who enjoys whispering sweet words of affirmation. If they aren't regularly reminded of their value to their partner, it's easy for them to start checking out of the relationship.



As the resident free spirit of the zodiac, Aquarius can make a habit of hiding behind their positive energy and charming quirks. But once they've fallen in love, they're eager to share their deepest emotions with their partner. The only problem is, letting people in (even those they want to be closest to) isn't easy. So, to keep your relationship with an Aquarius solid, they need to know through your words and actions that they are enough for you.

Most people want to be reminded from time to time that their partner is as committed to the relationship as they are. However, for Cancer, Pisces, and Aquarius, feeling secure about your love for them is an ongoing part of relationship maintenance.

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