3 Zodiac Signs Who Crave Regular Attention From Their Partners

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No matter how independent, most everyone craves some amount of attention and affection from the people they love. It's just human. But how much is just enough? For some folks, a little goes a long way, while for others, particularly the zodiac signs who crave regular attention, getting that from a partner on a frequent basis is make-or-break for the relationship. There is nothing wrong with needing a little — or a lot — of attention. All that matters is knowing what you need and embracing it. After all, you deserve a partnership in which you feel loved and validated.

This can get tricky if you and your SO have different levels of desire for attention, and in that case, you might want to find a compromise. Knowing exactly how much attention each one of you needs is so important, and one way to get further insight is to consider your zodiac signs. Some signs really do need a little more TLC on a regular basis to be happy in their relationship, and there's nothing wrong with that. If all this is sounding pretty familiar, chances are you (or the person you're dating) are one of the zodiac signs who need quality time and attention on a regular basis.

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It can often be really difficult for Cancer to emotionally open up in a new relationship. It takes time, patience, and persistence to earn their trust, and for them to feel safe exposing their soft, warm, tenderly loving side. Fortunately it's all worth it, because this sign is about as loving as they come. However, it's important to remember that building trust and security with Cancer is not a one-and-done situation; it's an ongoing process. One of the ways this can be achieved is by giving Cancer the attention and affection they need as often and regularly as possible, to help reinforce and remind them that they are loved and secure.

LEO (JULY 23 TO AUG. 22)

Come on, of course Leo is on the list of signs who need attention. They thrive on being the center of it, in fact, so for any relationship to have a chance of standing the test of time, Leo needs a partner who's happy to give it to them without being asked or reminded. Blame it on their warm and loving hearts, or the fact that their ruling heavenly body is the center of the solar system. Whatever the cause, the reality is that this sign has real expectations about how much attention they want from a partner, and because of their natural charisma and charm, they have no trouble getting it — if not from you, then from the next person who's lined up to give them the love they need, just the way they want it.

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Because Scorpio is such an outwardly independent sign, you may think they wouldn’t be the type to need plenty of attention from their partner, but they really do. Ruled by Pluto, the heavenly body associated with power, Scorpio oozes confidence, but this water sign is also secretly very sensitive and controlled by their emotions as well. That push-pull at the core of Scorpio's identity can make it challenging for them to get what they need from a partnership, until they find an intuitive partner who truly understands them. It's partly why so much of the way they get the attention and validation they need tends to be so physical. They have no shame or fear of communicating their physical needs, but struggle to be open about their more emotional needs. The problem is, when they don’t have that balance of heart and body in a partnership, that's when you start to see Scorpio's suspicious and jealous side come out. When that happens, pour on the love, and Scorpio will put their claws and stinger away.

The takeaway here is that everyone needs some amount of attention from the people they love. After all, isn't that point of being in a relationship? Some need more, and some are satisfied with less. Just embrace what you need, and don't be afraid to be open about it, because you truly do deserve to feel loved and appreciated.

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