If You Hate Sleeping Over After Sex, You're Probably One Of These 3 Zodiac Signs

I need my personal space. For some people who love to cuddle up, especially after sex, that might seem cold, but just thinking about spooning all night makes me feel claustrophobic. I need to toss and turn at will, I need to not have someone's sweaty front pressed up against my sweaty back for eight hours, but, most of all, I want my own bed. Do I like sex? Sure. Do I like sleeping over afterward? Honestly, no. (This is a safe space, right?) I may not be one of the zodiac signs that hate sleeping over, but I do consider them to be my kindred post-coital-cuddle-free spirits.

Now, that may sound cold-hearted to a Taurus or a Pisces that lives for a night-long snuggle sesh and would take a quick exit personally, but the desire to duck out and head home after sex doesn't automatically say anything about how you feel about your partner. Just because you aren't into the slumber party doesn't mean you don't really love them. It's just that cuddling doesn't have the same meaning, or is as enjoyable, for these signs.

If all of that sounds familiar, then you're probably one of the signs who hates sleeping over after sex — or you're dating one!

Gemini (May 21 To June 20)

The Twins are of two minds (as usual) about sleeping over. On one hand, this loving sign really does crave the connection they share with their partner. On the other hand, they would prefer to express it verbally, or via text from their own bed. This sign tends toward nervousness and anxiety (being torn between two natures will do that), so they crave the security and familiarity of home base, aka their own bed. While this sign can definitely be warm and caring with the people they love, they also really appreciate their space. Yes, they want to shower affection on their SO, but cuddling for an extended period of time just feels awkward. It's just one of the many contradictions that make this sign who they are.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 To Dec. 21)

Sagittarius is one of the most sexual of all the signs, so, as you can imagine, getting one back to your place might be relatively easy. Keeping one there? Well, that's a lot harder. Sags are a restless sign that fear being trapped or pinned down, so don't expect them to be your little spoon all night long. This wild at heart sign needs their space, and lots of it. Their idea of affection tends to be much more playful than it is “romantic.” And because one area where Sag really struggles is tact, they will bounce pretty much immediately after sex without feeling the least bit awkward. Which can be, well, awkward for their partners.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 To Feb. 18)

Aquarians have a reputation for being unemotional and detached. It's not true, but they do come off that way for various reasons, including their tendency to slip out the door after sex. The fact is, Aquarius can love deeply and powerfully, but they also get annoyed easily, so they have little patience with being uncomfortable. Why sleep over when they can get a better night sleep at home? You had great sex and a kiss goodbye. Surely that’s enough? Besides, this ambitious sign probably has an important meeting in the morning anyway, so they need to get their rest. It’s nothing personal, but they have to go.

If you feel like the sleepover is an important part of a relationship, dating one of these signs can be really challenging, but, as in all relationships, it’s about communication and finding balance. None of these signs have a heart of stone, it’s just a preference, so find a compromise that works for everyone. Otherwise, it may be time to find someone who shares your same sleepover policy.

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