If You Don’t Get Jealous In Relationships, You’re Probably One Of These 3 Zodiac Signs

Have you ever witnessed jealousy get the best of your friends, and found yourself genuinely confused about what the big deal was? Does all the worrying, accusing, and suspicious phone searching just all really seem like a lot of wasted energy to you? Then chances are, you're probably one of the lucky zodiac signs that don’t usually get jealous in relationships. Folks born under these signs tend to fall into a few categories, but all are naturally trusting, less conspiratorially minded, and more non-traditional in their thinking about commitment in relationships.

While all signs have moments of jealousy, for some these moments linger, grow, and can become overwhelming. For others, it’s a brief, passing moment of emotion, and the jealousy fades quickly. Or, they're the type who, when faced with jealousy, withdraw and exit the situation immediately, refusing to put up with being made to feel envious or insecure. Honestly, those of us, like Virgos (that’s me) or Scorpios (the most notoriously jealous sign in the zodiac), can learn a lot from these signs that have a natural gift for brushing off feelings of jealousy, or have really strong boundaries about what behaviors they will put up with. If all this sounds familiar, chances are you’re one of the signs who tends to not get jealous in relationships.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 To Dec. 21)

If there's one defining character of Sagittarius, it’s how intensely they value freedom and independence. This is a sign that does not want to feel locked down, closed in, or limited in any way that they don't decide for themselves. Their way of thinking is basically incompatible with jealousy. Sure, they feel it once in a while — briefly — but, at the end of the day, their adherence to a lack of restrictions means jealousy is just not really their thing. Besides, this is a sign that's not in a rush to be in a commitment, so they're realistic about people dating other people, and probably won't have any expectations that you DTR or delete your dating profile the moment you first meet.

Aquarius(Jan. 20 To Feb. 18)

Jealousy is just not really a thing for this unsentimental and easygoing sign. In the rare instance when jealousy does rear its head, Aquarians tend to brush it off quickly. However, if for some reason the jealousy persists, like for instance if they have a partner that is intentionally trying to make them jealous, Aquarians will simply opt out and ghost the relationship. This is a sign that has no interest in dominating or possessing their partner, and would rather give them free reign to do what they want. If they cross a line, then Aquarius will exit the relationship immediately. The only thing Aquarians fear more than infidelity is the responsibility of having to keep tabs on their partner.

Pisces (Feb. 19 To March 20) 

This is a sign that truly values love and craves traditional, old-school romance. They share many traits in common with Cancer when they fall in love, in that they want commitment and security in their relationship. However, unlike their (shell)fishy friends, Pisceans don't believe in holding on tighter and tighter to the ones they love, but rather, prefer to respect their space and give them plenty of room to roam. That’s because, at their core, all of Pisces' emotions are rooted in their empathy. They just can't help putting the feelings of their loved ones before their own.

While all the zodiac signs are capable of feeling jealousy, some are just blessed with being able to process it more quickly. If you just so happen to be born under one of these signs, fantastic! If I’m honest, though, that makes me, well, a little — ok a lot — jealous.