3 Resolutions To Make With Your Partner So You Can Support Each Other's Goals

by Sydnee Lyons

After you've made a list of New Year's resolutions for yourself and one for your romantic relationship, it's time to think of ways you can help your partner be their best selves in 2018. The strongest couples are those who grow together so why not consider a few New Year's resolutions to make with your partner this year?

No, this doesn't mean you'll be making their resolutions for them. Instead, you'll be adding a few simple resolutions to your own list to support your partner as they strive to accomplish their goals. It'll be like you're the Blair Waldorf to their Chuck Bass — think less conniving and manipulation but the same overall concern for your partner's well-being.

Whether your partner is trying to take better control of your finances, work out more, or be more productive at school or work, here's how to help them stick to their goals.

1. Make an effort to plan more creative dates at home so you can both save money.

It's always a good idea to plan for the future and that means making smarter financial decisions now. Even burrito bowls add up over time. There are tons of alternatives to eating out or going out for drinks all the time. In fact, staying in and cooking together is a great way to bond with your partner while you create something you can both enjoy. Once you've taken care of the menu, try a movie marathon or a games night in a pillow fort that The Holiday's Mr. Napkin Head would be jealous of.

Aim to swap at least two of your dates each month for a cheaper, more intimate scenario. Not only will it help you and your partner save more money in the long run but it'll also encourage you to spend more quality time together.

2. Go to the gym together to help them stick to their new workout regimen.

Even if working out isn't one of your New Year's resolutions, it's still cool to support your partner on their own journey to a healthier lifestyle. Offer to join your partner at the gym once a week or meet them for a run around campus in between classes. Luckily, college campuses often offer free group-fitness classes for students that you and your partner can also take advantage of.

On the days that you can't make it to the gym with them, challenge them to a daily step goal competition using your phone's built-in tracker or a more interactive device like a Fitbit. A little competition might be just what your partner needs to get them to that 10,000-step goal.

Sometimes, walking into the gym or even signing up for a fitness class alone can be overwhelmingly intimidating. Before your partner convinces themselves that a healthier lifestyle just isn't for them, remind them that you'll be by their side every step of the way.

3. Schedule weekly study dates or work dates where you both actually get sh*t done.

Netflix-and-chill dates are awesome on the weekends when you and your partner want to relax but it's not exactly the most productive use of your time. Whether you and your partner are still in college or one of you is already working full-time, it's important to set some time aside to work on your academic, professional, and intellectual goals.

Swap one of your weekly Netflix binges for a night of studying or working together. You can do this even if your academic calendars don't line up. For example, while your partner prepares for their calculus midterm that you've already taken, you can spend the time looking up internships you'd like to apply to next semester or catching up on global affairs. As long as you respect each other's study or work habits (like keeping the volume down on your music), there's no reason why you can't be productive together.

Ultimately, supporting your partner's goals will not only benefit them personally. It'll also strengthen your relationship together. Your willingness to help them be the best version of themselves will prove that you really care about them and that you see a future with them. If your partner feels the same way, they'll be happy to reciprocate.

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