7 Reasons Why Working Out With Your Partner Is Motivational AF

For some of us, the dynamics of the gym work like this — you walk in, get on a machine, look around at other people, say you're going to do this many reps in your head, and then don't follow through. Believe it or not, this isn't the case when you bring bae along with you as a gym buddy. Working out with your partner is probably one of the most motivational things you can do if you're serious about getting a nice workout in a few times a week.

Seriously, it seems like something that would be a complete distraction, but that distraction actually works in your favor. You know how you stare around at other people because you're a little bit uneasy about trying something new and looking completely weird doing it? Well, imagine if a familiar face was looking right back at you and giving you a little wink or two of encouragement.

And those reps? Consider them done, because you have the perfect rallying partner right by your side. Casually working out with your partner also makes it less like a chore, because you're doing it together and incorporating it in your weekly meet-ups, dates, or hangout time. Whether you're at the gym or at a park, in more ways than one, your partner is the best motivation for you to bust a sweat.

They'll Let You Take Baby Steps

I, for example, was not blessed with upper body strength at all. I literally still have embarrassing flashbacks from 7th grade when my gym teacher made me hang from a metal pole for 30 seconds in front of the whole class because I could not, for the life of me, do a pull-up.

My beau pushes me, but he doesn't let me set unattainable goals when I am trying my hand at something new. Sometimes, the strength is not in how quickly you jump on a new conquest, but the journey to achieving that conquest.

You Have Some Friendly Competition

Honestly, there are people who go to the gym and feel like they have to compete with everyone else. It can feel like the Hunger Games in there, even though people are there for different reasons.

Going to the gym with your partner will give you that adorable, friendly competition that's really more playful than anything. You can even make it more fun and include a flirty wager in the mix.

It's Easier To Block Out Distractions

Yes, we can use our headphones to block out the background noise, but I am always looking around just to make sure people aren't looking at me. Anxiety at its best, ya know?

When I'm working out with my partner, we're usually locking eyes or I'm intently listening to his words of encouragement or guidance. So, there's no room for me to overanalyze the room. It's a win all around.

You're More Apt To Try New Things

You know how you search the Internet for new workouts, and you tell yourself you are going to try that the next time you work out, but then you don't for whatever reason? Well, when you work out with your partner, you're most likely both interested in trying new things. And since it's new to the both of you, it's more of an enticing learning experience you can share.

Your Efforts Are Noticed

We all go to the gym or work out for different reasons. Your partner is definitely aware of your goals, and when they see you exceeding and really going for it, they notice. It's super motivational when someone other than yourself sees how hard you are trying to accomplish a self-made goal.

You Always Have A Solid Spot Partner

For me and my endless battle with upper body strength, I usually repel the bench weights, because I don't want to ask a stranger to spot me and to possibly save my life. Your partner will always have your back, and it's comforting as hell to know you've got someone to spot you. Seriously, someone should go into the profession of just being someone's personal spotter. They would make bank!

Your Post-Workout Thoughts Are Clearer

One of the most annoying things that sometimes happens when you work out is that you think about everything except working out. These thoughts occur the entire time and even as you are leaving the gym. When your partner is with you, the two of you can not only work out, but you can also discuss things on your mind in between reps. I love going over things I finished throughout the day when I work out with my beau. I feel more accomplished leaving the gym in the evening, and I'm not overclouded with my mind jumble.

No matter what your routine is, your partner is the best person to help you stick to it. And outside of reps and working out, they make you a lot stronger than you thought. Workout buddies for the actual win.