The Myers-Briggs personality types that'll make you the center of their world tend to be Feelers.
3 Personality Types That’ll Make You The Center Of Their World


Whether you know it or not, priorities play a big part in how someone handles relationships. While some people see romance as something to be nurtured after their professional achievements or other qualifiers, others view it as the Number one most important factor. When those in the latter category find someone special, they pour much of their energy into making their significant other happy. Sound like your kind of relationship? Then you'll want to look out for the Myers-Briggs personality types that'll make you the center of their world.

It can actually be somewhat difficult to pinpoint what makes certain personality types prone to this approach. It doesn't seem to matter whether you're an Introvert or Extrovert, or whether you show a preference for Intuition or Sensing. However — and this may come as no surprise — those with the Feeling preference typically place a high value on making and strengthening personal connections, and their decisions tend to be driven by emotions. So, it makes sense why those with a Feeling preference might be more likely to make their relationship a top priority.

Whether you enjoy being the center of attention in a relationship (looking at you, Leo), are looking for a super devoted bae, or simply want to find someone who's equally invested in their love life, keep your eyes peeled for these doting personality types.


The Consul is in their element when they are working to make sure their loved ones are happy, and that trait is particularly obvious in their romantic relationships.

Caring to the hilt, the ESFJ has lots of love to give and is always eager to help you out, whether it's to prepare for an exam or lend a shoulder to cry on when you're fighting with your sis. Not only that, but they're excellent listeners, so they have a knack for remembering all the little details you tell them — which will obviously make you feel pretty important. When you're excited about some big news, they'll be eager to celebrate with you, and when you're upset about something, they'll drop everything to hear you out and try to reach a solution.

The Consul is immensely selfless by nature, and while that's one of their relationship strengths, it can actually be a weakness as well. If you like being doted on, this personality type is your perfect match. Just be sure to show a little TLC in return, to ensure that your ESFJ partner is getting their needs met and feels equally valued.


Personal relationships are The Protagonist’s bread and butter. It makes sense, too — they’re endlessly passionate and altruistic. So, when you catch an ENFJ’s attention, they’ll do just about anything to build intimacy and get to know you on a deeper level. That means engaging in epic conversations that last for hours, sending you texts just to let you know they're thinking about you, and surprising you with sweet little gestures that they know will make your life easier.

When you’re dating an ENFJ, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever feel unheard or unappreciated, because this personality type has a powerful combo of empathy and communication skills that are practically unparalleled. They definitely don’t leap before they look when it comes to romance because they typically want to feel certain that they share the same relationship goals before diving in. However, once The Protagonist has found someone they’re compatible with that’s also looking for long-term love, they’ll pour 120% into the relationship. Ultimately, they just need a partner who’s equally committed to the relationship in order to feel secure and fulfilled.


While The Defender may not be able to express their devotion in words easily, once they’ve invested in a relationship with long-term potential, their feelings run deeper than you could ever imagine. Dedicated, loyal, and protective AF, the ISFJ loves with an open, generous heart. Nothing gives them more joy than making their partner happy, and when words fail them, they show how much they care by providing emotional support and frequent physical affection. BTW, even though the ISFJ may struggle to discuss their own feelings doesn’t mean they have trouble doling out the praise to their partner. In fact, once they feel comfortable enough around the person they're dating, words of affirmation come naturally to this type.

The Defender is quick to take on the role of a caretaker, and as such, they often put their partner’s needs first. ISFJs a gift for instantly picking up on the needs of those around them, and since they’re also hard-working, imaginative, and practical, they can quickly figure out ways to make you smile when you’ve had a crummy day.