3 Mad Max Costumes From 'Stranger Things' Easy Enough To Put Together For Halloween


Last year for Halloween it seemed like everyone and their dog got in the spirit by dressing up as something from Stranger Things. Eleven was the dominant costume choice, complete with Eggo waffles, of course. But we saw plenty of Dustins and even freaked-out Joyces with those now-iconic Christmas lights. Ah, 2016. This year, Season 2 of the hit Netflix streaming show arrived only a mere few days before All Hallows' Eve rolled around, but that doesn't mean a unique costume is out of the question. Mad Max Stranger Things Halloween costumes are super easy to put together at the last minute, so there's hope for a newly relevant spin on the concept yet.

There's a new girl in town for Season 2: Max. Yes, you can prove to the world that you're up on your TV binging by adding this fresh face to your group Stranger Things costume. If you and your pals are going as Dustin, Lucas, Mike, Will, and maybe Eleven, there's another young Hawkins teen that can join the adventurous bunch. Perhaps you'll encounter a few others who had the same group costume idea as you and your friends, but chances are they don't include a second season recruit. #SquadGoals, indeed.

Classic Max

There are two big pros to being Max for Halloween. 1. It's comfy AF. 2. You might have most of her wardrobe in your closet already. Much like Eleven's shaved head or Dustin's trucker hat, Max has one very recognizable feature. Yup — her red locks. Max has been described as a "tomboy" and even actress Sadie Sink has said "you'll never see her in a dress." There you go. This is all about keeping it '80s casual. If you don't have the necessary elements, you can pick up a red wig and most of the staples on Amazon. Hoodie? Check. Jeans? Check. You're pretty much golden. Honestly, if you don't know what to be for Halloween already, this is a super safe (and totally lazy) bet.

Denim Flare Jeans, starting at $18, Amazon | Casual Zip-Up Hoodie, starting at $23, Amazon | Copper Wig, $38, Amazon | Grey Crew Neck Tee, starting at $6, Amazon

Skateboard Max

Max also has a prop: a skateboard. You don't have to worry about procuring one of those. In the words of Cher Horowitz of Clueless: "Ugh, skateboards. That's like so five years ago." We disagree, and if we're being technical, Stranger Things takes place in 1984, so this is all like so 33 years ago. But we digress... Get yourself a mini skateboard that won't break the bank. And if you want to rock a yellow hoodie a la this photo, we've also got you covered.

Yellow Pullover, $19, Amazon | Mini Cruiser Skateboard, $24, Amazon

Another tip: If you don't have a big group to go with on Halloween, you can also go as Max and her stepbrother Billy, another new character this season. All you need for him is full-on denim, a drop earring, mullet, and a bad attitude. Just a thought.

Halloween Max

Here's where you can get really meta. Stranger Things Season 2 finds the characters trick or treating for Halloween '84. In addition to the boys' sweet Ghostbusters get-ups, Max goes for horror scares in a Halloween-inspired Michael Myers mask. A costume inside a costume? We don't see any reason not to try it...

Halloween 2 Michael Myers Mask, $65, Amazon

Amazon/Morris Costumes

As for the guys' Ghostbusters costumes, you can find those pretty easily, considering the costume has been popular ever since, well, 1984. Just don't forget your pillow case candy bags.

Ghostbusters Costume, $26, Amazon


There you have it, folks. Some options for a fresh take on the Stranger Things costume. If you're going as Max this Halloween season, you're sure to channel one of the coolest kids on the block. Plus, you'll show everyone Netflix is pretty much life.