29 Of The Sweetest Tweets Celebrating National Coming Out Day That Prove Love Is Love

by Candice Jalili

In case you haven't heard, today is National Coming Out Day! A great day to be alive, no matter who you are or what your sexuality is, because it's a day that celebrates LOVE and the fact that love will always be love. The point of National Coming Out Day is not to force anyone to come out before they're ready to do so. The point of National Coming Out Day is to remind members of the LGBTQ+ community that they are loved, supported, and that their identities are valid and accepted. And in these tweets about National Coming Out Day, the Twitter community came together to remind the members of the LGBTQ+ community that love is beautiful in all forms and that people are there for them, no matter where they are in their sexuality journey.

From messages of encouragement, to positive personal accounts of what happened to them when they came out, to general messages of love and support, to people tweeting messages of gratitude to their friends and family for the support, tweets with the hashtag #NationalComingOutDay are filling our Twitter feeds with love.

If you're in a position where you don't yet feel safe or comfortable coming out, take a second to read these tweets and remember that, no matter what, you are loved and valid. If you have come out, read these tweets and remember how brave you are for doing what you did and how loving and accepting of a community you belong to. Heck, even if you don't consider yourself to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, take these tweets as inspiration for how you can show your support to your own friends and family who are.

Read along and remind yourself that love is and always will be love, and that love will always win.

Even if you're afraid to tell your parents — or anyone in your life — you're still loved.

If you're not ready to come out today, there's no pressure.

This girl is happy for her friend who found her soulmate.

This could simultaneously be the hardest and best day of your life.

Today is a day to celebrate you.

Your voices deserve to be heard.

She's grateful for her supportive family.

He's proud of who he is.

No matter who you are, this guy has got your back!

This LGBT couple is raising their daughter to be accepting.

Live a happy life!

Love is love.

Don't feel pressured to rush coming out.

Remember that you matter just as much as everyone else.

Her mom loves her for who she is, no matter what.

Coming out is more than just one day at one time.

You deserve love and safety, no matter where you are in your journey.

She still remembers when her friend came out to her.

Even if you're not out yet, you're still important.

Just remember, not coming out doesn't invalidate your sexuality!

Her mom loves her just the same.

You are supported, no matter where you are in your journey.

Here's a very important thread about coming out.

And when you're ready to come out, there's a community of loving people waiting to accept you with open arms.

Happy National Coming Out Day, everybody! Go on Twitter and offer your own words of encouragement of support to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

If social media is not really for you, no big deal. Just make sure you actively act as a pillar of support for your friends and family who identify as LGBTQ+ and make sure they feel safe coming out to you, whenever they're ready. After all, National Coming Out Day is a great day to celebrate our LGBTQ+ friends and family, but every day should be a day that we celebrate them.

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