A Black family enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner in an article about Thanksgiving 2022 date

29 Family Captions For Thanksgiving & Spreading The Love On The 'Gram


There's one pretty special group of people you would brave the snowy weather, crowded airports, and bumper-to-bumper traffic to see: your family. When Thanksgiving is about sharing a meal with the ones you love the most in the world, you make sure you do everything in your power to get to where they are. And when you're about to post your gratitude on the 'Gram, there's no better way to do it than with some family captions for Thanksgiving.

If you have your entire extended family coming together to enjoy a turkey dinner, a group photo is bound to happen eventually — whether it takes place around the table, or at a more candid moment when everyone's prepping in the kitchen. You want to be just as prepped and be ready to post that pic with the right caption as soon as it happens.

While there are a bunch of turkey puns and funny quotes you could choose from, you may prefer something a little more aligned with how you're feeling, which is so blessed and loved. So pick out your fave of these 29 family captions, and get back to sharing this time with the ones you're most thankful for.


1. "Home is wherever these people are."

2. "It's not what I have for Thanksgiving, but about who I get to share it with."

3. "Dear Family, *Thanks* for *giving* me a reason to eat all this incredible food."

4. "Sorry, it's a family recipe. You gotta be in the fam to know."

5. "Happiness is homemade."

6. "Pie like spending time with my family even more than I like pie."

7. "My family knows the tur-key to my heart."

8. "Some call it chaos. We call it family."

9. "When I have my family, I know I have everything I need."

10. "Nothing beats a home-cooked meal."

11. "Everything I love in one picture: my family and mashed potatoes."

12. "I braved the airports just to see this group of people."

13. "You're the only people I would drive through Thanksgiving traffic to see."

14. "Everything's gravy with my family around."

15. "I found my squad, and I love them hard."

16. "Everything I'm thankful for is right here."

17. "Eating squash with my squash goals."

18. "If anyone asks, I got this recipe from my momma."

19. "Thank you for allowing me to finally move up from the kids' table."

20. "I love my family so much that I'm willing to share this pumpkin pie."

21. "In this house, we put marshmallows on our sweet potatoes."

22. "Can we do this every Thursday?"

23. "Nothing like a good dad joke to make the whole family laugh."

24. "Dinner rollin' out."

25. "Home Sweet (potatoes) Home."

26. "The cooking gene must have skipped me."

27. "I love this group cranberry much."

28. "Now you understand where I got it from."

29. "If you think this looks fun, you should see our group chat."