beautiful smiling young woman taking selfie on smartphone while lying in bed with scottish fold cat

29 Captions For Selfies With Your Cat That You'll Love Meow & Furever


When you're obsessed with your cat, you love them with your whole heart and spoil them to the fullest. Anytime a cat walks into the room, you feel a sudden urge to pick them up, cuddle them, and pet them forever. The best times are when you're minding your own business, and all of a sudden, your cat has decides your lap is the place to be. That's when you're on the brink of cuteness overload. Obviously, this moment needs to be snapped and then posted with captions for selfies with your cat.

I can't tell you how many selfies I have on my phone with my cat. I just can't stop snapping whenever we're together. She'll jump on my lap or cuddle up next to me when I'm laying in bed watching TV. That's when I try to reach for my phone ever so smoothly as to not disturb the adorable floof, because you know I need to get a picture of this.

Your cat is just so cute, you can't help but to take a million photos of you two together. You might even be running out of storage at this point, which is why you need to share those snaps with your friends. The internet was made for #CatContent, so it's your duty to post any adorable selfie you take on the 'Gram ASAP.

If you're only delaying yourself because you don't know what to caption your pic, I'm here to help. Use any of these 29 cat captions. It's as easy as that, and the internet will be thanking you for sharing every purrfect selfie you post.

Rachel Chapman

1. "I love you meow and furever."

2. "We're looking good, and feline good."

3. "Happy Caturday from the floof and me."

4. "If you don't automatically like this selfie, you've got to be kitten me right meow."

5. "Mission Impawssible: getting a selfie with my cat."

6. "This is maximum happiness with mewnimum effort."

7. "I’ve got this loving feline."

8. "You had me at meow."

9. "Cuteness overload."

10. "Can you see the family resemblance?"

11. "We've got catitude."

12. "Sorry, I can't tonight. My cat needs cuddles."

13. "I want to spend all nine lives with you."

14. "We live for the appaws."

15. "Having a good fur day."


16. "The time is meow for a selfie with my cat."

17. "Sending this selfie to NASA, because we're both stars."

18. "All you need is love... and a cat."

19. "Think about it — if the world was flat, cats would have pushed everything off of it by now."

20. "We are litter-ally the cutest rn."

21. "Life is pawsome with you around."

22. "I'm so fur-tunate to have a best friend like mew."

23. "I paw-fer my selfies with cats."

24. "Check meowt."

25. "Meow's it going?"

26. "It ain't easy being this purrfect."

27. "When I'm with you, I'm feline good."

28. "I cat even right meow."

29. "My selfies are just better with you in them."