28 Captions For Your Pup That Show How Much You Love Your Fur-Ever Friend

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Dear, puppy lovers — this one's for you. Let's be honest: You'd turn down plans for a night spent snuggling on the couch with your fur-ever friend, and you might even have an entire Instagram account dedicated to your su-paw-star. You'd do anything for your fluff. You'd take them to the park to meet all the furry friends in your neighborhood, and bring them on your weekend adventures to nearby hiking trails. In return, your only expectation would be that they pose for some cute pics. Can I give you some puppy Instagram captions for those paw-some additions to your camera roll?

TBH, I'm living vicariously through you, because I've never had a puppy of my own. I've taken my older brother's dog for many walks, snuggled in the summertime with my bestie's black Lab, and I'm currently living with an adorable and sweet Rottweiler who stares at me when I have pizza. (Understandably so. It's pizza!)

Even though I don't have a furry friend of my own, that hasn't kept me from meeting, and petting, lots of puppies. My camera roll is filled with pictures and videos of dogs I've met and would love to take home. One day, I'll definitely rescue my own ball of fluff and post about them all over social media. For now, though, I'm giving you my puppy captions, so that you can show the world how much you love your fur-ever friend.


1. "Little puppy, big world."

2. "Life is pretty sweet when you're with a pup."

3. "Free wet kisses found here."

4. "Peace, love, and puppies."

5. "All she does is play, play, play."

6. "My puppy is so fetch."

7. "Being this cute must be so freaking ruff."

8. "The cutest member of the family."

9. "I've been a puppy lover since birth."

10. "Did you know that you're paw-some?"

11. "Looking very dapper."

12. "With a puppy, anything is possible."

13. "Tell your puppy I said hi."

14. "Heart eyes for days."

15. "The puppy love is so real."

16. "Did we just become best friends? Yep!" Stepbrothers

17. "Coffee and puppies make the world go 'round."

18. "Adventure is out there, and this puppy knows where to find it."

19. "Snuggles, treats, and love for every puppy I meet."

20. "But first, let's play with the puppy."

21. "Today's forecast: 100% chance I'd rather be with this puppy."

22. "Cuteness overload."


23. "The happiest pupper you ever did see."

24. "You had me at woof."

25. "I woof you a whole lot."

26. "What the pup?"

27. "For puppies sake."

28. "I'm a puppy person."

In addition to these captions, I'm giving you the 411 on all the filters and preset packs you should download before prepping your Instagram post. They'll make your puppy stand out amongst the other dogs at the park, or the flowers in your backyard. They'll make their blue eyes shine so bright, and their ears look fluffier than ever before.

Most importantly, they'll make your followers stop scrolling and read the caption on your picture, where you explain how much you love you fur-ever friend. To sum it up, the puppy love is real, and they totally had you at "woof."

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