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28 'Love Island' Instagram Captions For The Heart Eyes & Tropical Vibes


Reality television is back, people! This is not a drill. For the next couple of months, you and your roommates are required (OK, not actually, but you get the point.) to sit in front of your television, brace yourselves for drama, and watch as couples go on dates, attend rose ceremonies, and navigate love in tropical places. If you're a fan of The Bachelor, then you might already be knee-deep in the dramatic "journeys" and searches for "clarity." But Love Island fans are just getting started and need a couple Love Island Instagram captions for the heart eyes and tropical vibes to come.

The newest season of Love Island premiered on Monday, Jan. 12, 2020 on ITV, according to Cosmopolitan. It's set to premiere on Hulu on Jan. 20, so American fans can tune into all the relationships and see the stunning South African villa for themselves. The previous season of Love Island (U.S. version) took place near the blooming jungles and beautiful beaches of Fiji. And the original version of Love Island, which was made for the U.K., was hosted on the gorgeous island of Mallorca, Spain. This time around, the Islanders are in Cape Town competing for cash while also falling deeply in love.

To say the least, the meme-worthy content for the viewers around the world will be unlimited, and the piping hot tea will be following closely by. For the loving fans who want to make a post sharing their thoughts, detailed theories, viewing parties, and favorite couples, here are some captions that are made for the heart eyes and tropical vibes.


1. "Things are really heating up this winter on 'Love Island.'"

2. "Let the 'Love Island' drama begin."

3. "Give me all the heart eyes and tropical vibes."

4. "I've never met an Islander I didn't like."

5. "She loves him to the villa and back."

6. "Relationship status: falling in love with 'Love Island.'"

7. "If you really loved me, you'd watch the next episode of 'Love Island.'"

8. "Here for the grand prize, clearly."

9. "Happily ever after starts on 'Love Island.'"

10. "Just a couple of Islanders in love."

11. "Just a bunch of kissing and telling."

12. "BRB, booking a trip to Cape Town."

13. "Another Islander bites the dust."

14. "Well, they just got pied."

15. "To flirt or not to flirt."

16. "But are they loyal? Let me know."

17. "Is this Islander's name WiFi? Because, I'm feeling a connection."


18. "The vibes between me and this show are unreal."

19. "I can see myself spending the rest of my life with 'Love Island.'"

20. "What happens in the villa is made available on Hulu for the world to see."

21. "Voting for love on this season of 'Love Island.'"

22. "I can feel the awkwardness in this relationship from here."

23. "Hot tub dates? Always."

24. "OK, I'm ready for next week's episode of 'Love Island' now."

25. "Paradise doesn't look so peachy right now."

26. "I love to love 'Love Island.'"

27. "Reality television like this is my jam."

28. "Catch me on the next season of 'Love Island.'"