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28 Insta Captions For Virtual Super Bowl Party Pics That Are Total Goals

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Your virtual Super Bowl party will be total goals this year. From playing football-themed trivia to making scrumptious appetizers, your celebration will be filled with great memories you'll want to share on your feed. With these Instagram captions for virtual Super Bowl party pictures, your Zoom party is sure to be the real winner of the night.

Getting creative at home on your Zoom call is the move this year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses in its guidelines for events and gatherings that virtual activities present the lowest risk of potentially catching and/or spreading the coronavirus. So, you're gearing up to perform your own version of the Super Bowl Halftime Show that will rake in all the likes on your feed. Pair your snap or video with a witty caption like, "The other half of the halftime show." Or, post some photos of your besties who are celebrating with you virtually and caption the photo dump with, "The real MVPs." Be sure to upload a selfie in your jersey as well and caption it, "Major fan, token selfie."

When throwing a virtual party, you really have the home-field advantage, because all your funniest moments can be easily recorded through a few clicks or a screen recording. So, whoever does a horrible job playing your football trivia game will be documented in your Super Bowl party history. Plus, your followers may get in the team spirit, too, when they see your memories paired with these Instagram captions for virtual Super Bowl party pictures.

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1. "That feeling when your squad is reunited for the game."

2. "You can never fumble with your friends (virtually) by your side."

3. "Cheering on my team with my team."

4. "Zooming with the real MVPs."

5. "Can't wait to tackle my friends when I see them again."

6. "And the winner of Super Bowl commercial Bingo goes to..."

7. "My app tastes better than your app."

8. "Good game, great company."

9. "Cheers from my Gatorade martini to yours."

10. "Who do you think has the tastiest dish?"

11. "So, whose halftime performance is the winner?"

12. "You could probably tell what part of the game this was based off of our expressions."

13. "Still crying over this part of the game, at least I had my besties there for comfort."

14. "Zoomin' to the artichoke spinach dip like..."

15. "Kicking off our Super Bowl party."

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16. "A little virtual huddle with my team."

17. "These Super Bowl commercials really Zoom by when you're having fun."

18. "Spreading that team spirit."

19. "Can you tell who we're rooting for?"

20. "BRB, still laughing over that fumble."

21. "Running back to that moment when we all cheered at the same time."

22. "Friends who Zoom together, stay together."

23. "How dare this Wifi intercept my game."

24. "We may root for different teams, but we'll always watch the game together."

25. "Guess who won Super Bowl trivia."

26. "Friend goals and goalposts."

27. "Been training for this party for a while now."

28. "Super Bowl like it's 2021."