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28 Captions For Pumpkin Ice Cream & Enjoying Your Fall Scoop

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Seasonal menus in the fall are some of the best. Your local coffee shop may create drinks with rich notes of apple, vanilla, or cinnamon. The cozy eateries or farm stands in your city may begin serving pumpkin ice cream, too. To say the least, your tastebuds are never bored and you're constantly in need of Instagram captions for pumpkin ice cream pics.

Your camera roll is overflowing with pics of orange scoops and waffle cones filled with this delicacy. They're taking over the storage on your phone and reminding you that no autumn day is complete without a stop at your favorite creamery. In the summertime, this creamery may be where you spend afternoons with friends, laughing over inside jokes you made at the beach. In the fall, it's the place you meet after class or work to fantasize about weekend trips to the mountains, hay rides, and your ideal Halloween costumes.

Sometimes, you walk into this sweet joint and order a pumpkin-flavored scoop with chocolate sprinkles on top, and other times you may grab a pint to go. You may bring it home, where you plan on watching movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown and cuddling up with your pup on the couch. That's what fall is really about, and you love capturing those moments for the 'Gram. Here are 28 captions for the pumpkin ice cream pics to come.


1. "My pumpkin ice cream looks so gourd-geous."

2. "I believe in the magic of pumpkin ice cream in the fall."

3. "Let there be pumpkin ice cream."

4. "Save your candy. I'll take the pumpkin ice cream."

5. "Scoop, there it is."

6. "Today let's get some pumpkin ice cream."

7. "It's really spooky that you haven't tried pumpkin ice cream yet."

8. "I'd like to thank pumpkin ice cream for existing."

9. "Break out the sweaters and scoops of pumpkin ice cream."

10. "Adulting happens. Pumpkin ice cream helps."

11. "Girls just wanna have pumpkin ice cream."

12. "Even my ice cream is getting into the fall #mood."

13. "If it's pumpkin-flavored, I know I'll like it."

14. "You can't buy love, but you can buy pumpkin ice cream."

15. "Doing life one scoop of pumpkin ice cream at a time."

16. "Here's the scoop: Pumpkin ice cream is the best kind."

17. "Pumpkin, pumpkin, and more pumpkin."

18. "When life gives you pumpkins, turn them into ice cream."


19. "What's a better duo than pumpkins and ice cream in the fall? I'll wait."

20. "My pumpkin ice cream is melting. Ugh, what a haunt mess."

21. "Something sweet and pumpkin-flavored this way comes."

22. "The tastiest pumpkin in the whole patch."

23. "You either love pumpkin season, or you're wrong."

24. "Autumn leaves and pumpkin ice cream, please."

25. "This is what I like to call #squashgoals."

26. "In an autumn state of mind."

27. "I melt for you."

28. "It's pumpkin ice cream season."

If you're a fan of pumpkin ice cream and snack on it on the reg, then you may be a fan of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and pumpkin doughnuts as well. You probably enjoy these goodies every single day over the course of the autumn months. Gather up some Instagram captions for those sweet treats while you're already on the Internet. You'll thank yourself later when you're savoring the items off of the seasonal menus and immersing yourself in fall.

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