28 Instagram Captions For Coachella Ferris Wheel Pics & Capturing The Good Vibes

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Right now, you're feeling extra grateful. You're laying in bed, scrolling through your camera roll and looking at pictures from last weekend when you went to Coachella. You're laughing and smiling at the silly selfies with your bestie, and the candid videos dancing in the crowd. In those moments, you knew you were making memories that would last forever — stories and inside jokes that would end up on social media. But, you didn't have any Instagram captions for Coachella Ferris wheel pics in mind. Don't worry: I've got you covered and know exactly how you can capture all the good vibes.

Let's be honest: It's not easy putting your experience into words. It's not easy describing the vibrant energy of the crowd, or the race in your heart you felt when you saw your best friend who lives on the West Coast. It's also not easy telling your crew back home about the dynamite tacos you got from a food truck, or explaining why you cried a bunch of happy tears when you rode the iconic Ferris wheel. Most of the time, you just say something like, "You had to be there," and start making plans to dance in the desert next year.

It would be a dream come true to attend Coachella again and fill your camera roll with more pink skies, picture-perfect outfits, and peace signs. You'd love to grab that golden ticket, roam around the palm trees, and sing until you lose your voice. For now, though, you're focusing on posting the memories you already made and capturing all the good vibes from the weekend for your Instagram followers. I think these 28 captions will do the trick. Let me know, OK?

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1. "Peace, love, and Ferris wheel pics."

2. "Welcome to Coachella."

3. "Dream while you're wide awake."

4. "Go above and Beyoncé."

5. "Change your altitude every once in a while."

6. "A ticket to sunshine and the Ferris wheel line."

7. "But first, let's go on the Ferris wheel."

8. "I've never met a Ferris wheel I didn't like."

9. "Leaving a piece of my heart at Coachella."

10. "Free admission to those who dream."

11. "Coachella skies and my best friends by my side."

12. "This is what dreams are made of." — Lizzie McGuire

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13. "Relationship status: In love with music festivals and Ferris wheels."

14. "I love you to the top of the Ferris wheel and back."

15. "Don't miss out on this Ferris wheel bliss."

16. "Breathing dreams like air." — F. Scott Fitzgerald

17. "Wildflowers in my hair and Ferris wheels on my mind."

18. "BRB. Soaking up the sunshine on the Ferris wheel."

19. "Like we're made of starlight." — Taylor Swift, "Starlight"

20. "True friends wait in the Ferris wheel line with you."

21. "Too many Ferris wheel pics, said no one ever."

22. "I've got all the heart eyes for this Ferris wheel."

23. "I found magic, music, and memories in the desert."

24. "You can find me dancing under the lights of the Ferris wheel."

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25. "Up, up, and away we go on the Ferris wheel."

26. "Every desert needs a Ferris wheel."

27. "Always keep your head up."

28. "Filling my camera roll with pictures of this Ferris wheel."

Once you find the right caption and hit the "share" button, then start looking ahead to next year. Start dreaming about what you'd want the lineup for Coachella to look like, and what kind of pictures you'd want to take. I already know that you'd ride the Ferris wheel again, or at least pose with this iconic music festival symbol and the palm trees. (Same!)

Also keep in mind, though, that there are plenty of experiences that you can have in the area, just in case you don't score that golden ticket. You can go on one of the best desert trips, or explore near Los Angeles for a little while. Those experiences will come with their own good vibes — and maybe a Ferris wheel, too.