28 Infinity Pool Captions For Instagram That'll Speak To Your Summer-Loving Soul

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When you were little, the adults in your life may have asked you one, hefty question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" You may have told them your dream was to be an astronaut. Truth be told, you weren't entirely sure, and really just wanted to eat candy for dinner and stay up past midnight. You knew the possibilities were endless, and you would likely change your mind a million times before shooting for the stars. Nowadays, you might be able to proudly say that your dream is to travel the world, experience different cultures, and soak in as many pools as possible. Me, too — and that's why I've gathered up some infinity pool captions that'll speak to your summer-loving soul.

Before I get into those captions, though, I want to have a conversation about where you're wandering to. Do you have a one-way plane ticket to the palm trees and jungles in Bali? Are you vacationing on the beautiful Italian coastline, surrounded by bowls of tasty pasta and pastel-colored houses that are nestled into the cliff-sides? Maybe you're going on a staycation and have a reservation at a local hotel that's been decorated with lounge chairs and gives you access to massages, facials, and lots of relaxation time. Odds are, if there's a pool that stretches to the skyline there, I want to go, too.

I want to grab my passport, pack my suitcase, and rush to the airport at the crack of dawn. I want to spend hours in the sky, with little to no leg room, before winding up at a resort that's all about the good times and tan lines. Last but not least, I want to pose for pictures for Instagram in the infinity pool, and share them with one of these 28 captions that are perfect for living your wildest and most beautiful dreams. Can you say, "Same?" Of course.


1. "To the infinity pool and beyond."

2. "Gone swimmin' in the infinity pool."

3. "Sunshine, poolside, downtime."

4. "Pool vibes and tan lines."

5. "Peace, love, and chilling by the infinity pool."

6. "Feelin' sunny side up."

7. "Breathing dreams like air." — F. Scott Fitzgerald

8. "Swim more, worry less."

9. "What's up, MTV. Welcome to my infinity pool."

10. "I got 99 bikinis and I can't choose one."

11. "All my troubles wash away in the infinity pool."

12. "The infinity pool is my happy place."

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13. "Yes, I'm a mermaid. Thanks for asking."

14. "Leave a little saltwater wherever you go."

15. "I'm done adulting. Let's be mermaids instead."

16. "It's always a good time to relax by the infinity pool."

17. "Because it's summer somewhere."

18. "I'll forever be making pool days a priority."

19. "This infinity pool is mer-mazing."

20. "Dear, infinity pool. I dream about you all the time."

21. "Stay in your infinity pool magic, babe."

22. "Life is so cool by the infinity pool."

23. "The limit to this infinity pool doesn't exist."

24. "She believed she could chill by the infinity pool all day, so she did."

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25. "Just a couple of infinity pool lovers."

26. "Falling in love with life, one infinity pool at a time."

27. "Vibing and thriving by the infinity pool."

28. "Glowing with the flow."

If you could, you'd skip ahead to the moments you're going to spend in those infinity pools, like, right now. You'd ditch all of your worries and "real world" responsibilities, and turn your brain to vacation mode. You'd clear the pictures that are currently in your camera roll to make room for the beach thirst traps and epic travel snaps you're bound to get.

Be sure to grab one of these captions for infinity pools before you board the plane, OK? You won't want to waste any time aimlessly scrolling on your phone when you're chilling with the water and living your best life.

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