28 Hot Dog Puns For Your Summer BBQ Needs & Relishing The Good Times With Your Besties

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Every time you get a whiff of burgers, hot dogs, and other barbecue-related foods, you think about summer. You imagine sitting at a picnic table with your best friends near the beach, laughing over bowls of potato salad and Polaroid picture frames. On the table, there are paper plates, tongs for the grill, and condiments like ketchup, mustard, and relish. Can I get an, "ugh?" Thinking about the freshly-squeezed lemonade and bags of sour cream and cheddar chips makes you so hungry and so ready for the good times to come in the next few months. Make sure you're prepared with some hot dog puns for all of your summer barbecue needs, and posting your memories on social media.

Let's be honest: You could caption your post with something cheesy, or a line from one of your favorite sitcoms about friendship and living your #bestlife. But your followers always seem to appreciate your sense of humor and your hilarious dad jokes and puns. They love when you capture those candid moments and don't take life too seriously. That's because it reminds them to do the same — to relish the moments, instead of putting pressure on them to be social media-worthy.

I think that's an important reminder, and one that I should take to heart every once in a while, too. It can be difficult to see a perfectly-placed barbecue spread and not take a picture of it, or to have a bonfire with your BFFs, complete with s'mores and logs to sit on, and not capture it for forever. But those are the moments that you need to enjoy first and snap second.

So I double-hot dog dare you to put down your phone while you're eating and take part in the conversation going on at the picnic table. Maybe take a few pics of your hot dog once it's topped with all the condiments, but then wait to hit the "share" button until after the good times are over. These 28 puns will still be here when you're ready — I pinky promise.

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1. "Hot diggity dog."

2. "Relish the good times with your best friends."

3. "I mustard you a question: Do you like hot dogs?"

4. "Playing ketchup with summer."

5. "Hot dog lover since birth."

6. "Staying all up in my grill."

7. "Dear, hot dogs. You're so barbe-cute."

8. "I'm going to flip when summer's over."

9. "Can I give you a condiment?"

10. "Hanging with my grill friends."

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11. "Let me be frank, I love summertime."

12. "Fancy meat-ing you here."

13. "Stop showing off. We get it, you're hot."

14. "I prefer my puns and buns intended."

15. "So, we meat again."

16. "Relish today and ketchup tomorrow."

17. "Nice buns."

18. "Red, white, and barbecue."

19. "Sun's out, hot dog buns out."

20. "What's up, dog?"

21. "I think we grilled too much food. Ugh, what a pickle."

22. "Out of every hot dog in the world, I pickle you."

23. "Franks a lot!"

24. "Salami get this straight."


25. "You don't like hot dogs? Well, you're the wurst."

26. "It could always be wurst."

27. "Frankly, this is the best barbecue ever."

28. "You're a real weiner."

Did you find at least one or two puns that will potentially fit your hot dog pic? Sweet! Save them to a note on your phone or a draft for your Instagram post, and go enjoy summer. Soak up the sunshine and the fresh air, and toast your lemonade to making memories with your BFFs. Swim in the ocean, go hiking near your campsite, and make plans to have another adventure next weekend.

You won't regret it — that I know. And it'll remind your followers to live their #bestlife, too, and share it on social media when the barbecue is done.

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