28 Christmas Cookie Puns That Are Peppermint To Be For Social Media

Can you smell the cinnamon and sugar in the air? With just one whiff of it, you instantly know it's the holiday season. You rush down to the kitchen and see your roommates baking up your favorite treats. (Hallelujah!) There are the chocolate mint crinkle cookies, and the gingerbread men that are decorated with perfect dollops of white frosting for buttons. Naturally, you want to snap a bunch of pictures before digging in. So, take an #artsy snap of the trays, and then scope out some Christmas cookie puns for a post that's truly the sweetest.

Every year, you always start baking around the same time as the gift exchange with your besties. Together, you plan a date when you're going to get together and swap presents. The few weeks before is meant for shopping trips and runs to the grocery store for extra cans of whipped cream. On that night, you watch a bunch of holiday movies in your apartment and wear festive onesies. One of your besties is a reindeer, and the other is decked out like a Christmas tree. Some people in your crew show up in those cozy holiday sweaters.

After gifts have been swapped and everybody starts having a good time, you break out the cookies you made. Somebody always takes a few pictures and puts them on their Instagram story. You had a photo shoot with your gingerbread men hours ago — you just never got around to posting anything yet.

Truth is, you found the perfect edit that brought out the golden glow in the tinsel and twinkly lights. But, you couldn't come up with a clever caption that was fitting for your cookies. You felt defeated and related all too well to the Grinch in that moment, and decided to stay off social media until you came across something good. You know, a few words that are sweet, or maybe a little cheesy. Don't worry, because I have you covered. These 28 Christmas cookie puns are everything you've been looking for. (Now, pass the lemon bars. Please and thank you!)

Gabriel (Gabi) Bucataru/Stocksy

1. "For goodness bakes."

2. "I have fillings for you."

3. "Don't be afraid to take whisks."

4. "Social media is what you bake of it."

5. "I like the way you cinnamon roll."

6. "Dough my goodness!"

7. "These cookies make my heart skip a beat."

8. "You're my butter half."

9. "I'm so egg-cited for the holidays."

10. "Love at first bite."

11. "You've got a peach of my heart."

12. "This is s'more than a feeling."


13. "Just call me a whisk-taker."

14. "You're baking me LOL."

15. "We whisk you a merry Christmas."

16. "You want a piece of me?" — Britney Spears

17. "Bake the world a better place."

18. "No one could love you batter."

19. "Happiness is lickin' the spoon."

20. "These cookies and me are peppermint to be."

21. "When life gives you lemons, make lemon bars."

22. "I don't like doughnuts. Just kidding, I'm just jelly."

23. "But first, let me and my gingerbread men take a selfie."

24. "Tonight, I'll be having the sweetest dreams."

Pixel Stories/Stocksy

25. "Now serving up something berry sweet."

26. "These Christmas cookies sleigh."

27. "Throwing sugar in the air like I just don't care."

28. "Don't mess with my gingerbread man. He's one tough cookie."

Wow, these really did come out so good! What's your secret recipe? OK, that's confidential information — you're right. But, after helping you out with a caption for your latest social media post, could you at least give me the first few ingredients?

Let's be honest: Nothing wins over your followers quite like a festive pun and a few pictures of your Christmas cookies. They love seeing how you're getting in spirit with the holiday season, whether it be putting up your tree, or making sure you live your life with #noregrets these next few months.

Your picture may have mistletoe in the background, or focus on the frosting designs you did on those mini cupcakes. Either way, I'm glad one of these captions was peppermint to be.