28 Captions For Summer Staycation Pics & Glowing With The Flow

Summer is truly what you make of it. Some people like to spend the warmest months of the year traveling and going on elaborate beach vacations. They chill under rainbow-colored umbrellas and bask in the sunshine, sand, and saltwater air. Other people like to relax in their own space, like the rooftop of their apartment building, and explore their city. They tour the sights, go to local food truck festivals, and try out the Instagram-worthy restaurants that just opened around the block. They opt for laying on the couch and doing, well, nothing, with a fresh smoothie by their side. Does this sound familiar? Of course! That's why you need some captions for summer staycation pics and glowing with the flow.

Truth is, you love jet-setting to tropical islands and resorts you've seen on social media, too. You've learned how to get through long flights like a pro, and pack your carry-on bag with all the essentials like sunscreen, sandals, and a few new outfits to show off amongst the palm trees. (In my personal opinion, those are always the most difficult parts of traveling.) But, you've also discovered the beauty of staying at home and treating yourself to a summer spent right where you are. It's less expensive, equally as adventurous, and doesn't require months of planning in advance.

What more could you ask for? It beats me! Hanging by your bestie's pool, driving down to the coast, or bringing a picnic and a film camera to a nearby park sounds pretty picture-perfect. Not to mention, having an at-home spa day filled with pedicures and facials, hosting a bonfire with lots of s'mores, or watching the stars peek through a pink sky is much-needed at times.

Just do yourself (and your followers) a favor when you're soaking up the sun and the fun, and post a few pictures on Instagram. These 28 captions for staycations will show the world that you're glowing with the flow this summer, and loving every second of it.

Lyuba Burakova/Stocksy

1. "Worry less and chill more."

2. "Paradise is anywhere you want it to be."

3. "Feelin' pretty peachy right now."

4. "Find the beauty in every day."

5. "Hair up. Sunnies on. Notifications off."

6. "Summertime looks gorgeous on you."

7. "Just enjoy where you are now."

8. "TBH, this is my kind of summer."

9. "Girls just wanna take selfies in the sun."

10. "Stay in your summer magic, babe."

11. "Follow the call of the ice cream truck."

12. "She believed she could chill by the pool all day, so she did."


13. "The more you glow, the more others glow back."

14. "There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy."

15. "One sun beam at a time."

16. "Watch more sunsets than Netflix."

17. "When in doubt, chill out."

18. "All you need is some good company."

19. "Stress doesn't really go with my summer outfits."

20. "Dear, summer. Lime yours."

21. "And on the weekends, we do nothing."

22. "Summer nights amongst the city lights."

23. "Trading the palm trees for skyscrapers."

24. "Vibing and thriving."

Sergey Filimonov/Stocksy

25. "Glowing with the flow."

26. "Easy peasy lemon squeezy."

27. "BRB: Going on a staycation."

28. "Summer lovers since birth."

Did you find at least one caption that you like? Perfect! Then you're ready to check in to your summer plans at home and hit the virtual "refresh" button. You're prepared to lay on the couch until 2 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon and move only to refill your smoothie, throw on a bathing suit, or grab dinner with your besties at your favorite local place.

That sounds like time and energy well-spent to me! Just don't forget to fill your camera roll and your Instagram feed with glowing pictures of your adventures, or lack of. I'll throw you a like on every one.