March birthday captions

If You Celebrate Your Birthday In March, These 28 Captions Take The Cake

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March is your month, and there's much to be happy about. There's the beginning of spring, that glorious additional hour of sunlight, and, of course, your birthday, so you likely have that warm weather glow going on that you obviously need to show off. When you do, don't forget to pair your sunny selfies with your best spring 'fit and these captions for March birthdays.

Consider this your sign to be a little extra with your Insta this month. After all, you only turn your new age once, so your birthday post deserves to be as momentous as the occasion. You can even use this post as an opportunity to cheers to how much you've grown and how you're still sprouting into better and better versions of yourself. You just need some thoughtful captions for March birthdays to let your friends and family know how you're blossoming into a new you.

These captions aren't just meaningful messages either. There's a mix of playful and punny lines so you can easily create a post as breezy as your sundress. Whether you opt for a meditative or casual look on the 'gram, you'll find a bouquet of spring-themed puns and sunny vibes in these March birthday captions.

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1. "Botany gifts for my birthday yet?"

2. "Marching into a new age like."

3. "Bloom in progress."

4. "Springing into this older age with wisdom and grace."

5. "I can spring forward to a new year, because I know I can always fall back on my besties."

6. "New March, new me."

7. "This year, I'm letting my dreams blossom."

8. "Hopping into a new me real quick."

9. "Grateful for all the showers that allowed me to bloom into who I've become today."

10. "Happy birth-daisy to me."

11. "Gotta grow my own way."

12. "If it weren't for the bud days, I wouldn't be able to appreciate these sunny birthdays."

13. "My birthday dress code is florals and florals only."

14. "This isn't your garden variety birthday post — it's my birthday post."

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15. "Allergic to pollen, late birthday gifts, and winter clothes."

16. "Brighter year ahead."

17. "[Age] has never looked so fresh."

18. "Roses are red, violets are blue, today is my birthday and you want to celebrate too."

19. "Sprouting good vibes every day since birth."

20. "Sea-sing the new age this year."

21. "The best birthday gift is a sunny day."

22. "No rain can dampen this birthday glow."

23. "New growth alert."

24. "Happy bud day to me."

25. "ICYMI, spring has arrived and so has my birthday."

26. "Ah, the smell of spring in the air and my birthday approaching."

27. "This birthday situation really put a spring in my step."

28. "Out with [previous age], in with [new age]."