A blonde woman in a beanie cap, scarf, and jacket smiles while snow falls during winter in New York ...

27 Captions For NYC In The Winter That Are Snow Very Clever

Spring, summer, and fall are all glorious in their own ways, but winter is the most magical time in New York City. With twinkling lights all around, it adds an extra glow to a city that already shines so bright. Sure, it may be cold AF outside, but breaking out your cozy winter coat and snow boots is so fun. There's also nothing more beautiful than Central Park covered in a fresh blanket of snow. It's the definition of Instagram-worthy, and the main reason why you need captions for NYC in the winter.

NYC definitely knows how to celebrate the holidays right. You can stop by Rockefeller Center to see the iconic Christmas tree or walk down Fifth Avenue to look at the festive store windows, and it'll instantly put you in a holly, jolly mood. Manhattan also has many delicious places to stop in when you need to escape the cold for a bit. Grab a warm cookie at Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side, or some hot chocolate at Max Brenner in Washington Square Park.

When it first starts to flurry, you need to run outside and snap a selfie. The moment when the snow is still fresh before it turns to slush on the sidewalk can be quick, so don't waste any second. Post your cute pics right away with any of these 27 wintry captions.


1. "NYC is like a snowflake right now: beautiful and cold."

2. "Your Christmas lights have nothing on the lights in Times Square."

3. "Walking in a Central Park wonderland."

4. "Pulling a Kevin McCallister and getting lost in New York."

5. "It's snow much fun to be in NYC."

6. "The concrete jungle is now covered in snow."

7. "Enjoying every New York minute this winter."

8. "So thankful for a Starbucks on every corner."

9. "I followed my heart, and it led me to snowy NYC."

10. "There really is a miracle on 34th Street."

11. "Hello, NYC. It's ice to meet you."

12. "When it gets to be too cold, the cabs are my best friend."

13. "Winter in NYC calls for hot cocoa dates."


14. "Decided to chill out, so I went to NYC."

15. "I've bean thinking I need some coffee to warm myself up."

16. "I swear my #OOTD is really cute underneath all these jackets."

17. "It's OK to be a tourist in your own city every once in a while."

18. "Gosh, I just love winter in NYC."

19. "My hands are cold. Will you hold them for a second?"

20. "Happiness is fresh snow on a NYC sidewalk."

21. "A true Christmas miracle is the subways running on time."

22. "I would walk through midtown during the holidays just to see you."

23. "Let's make snow angels in Central Park."

24. "Just waiting for my boss to email and say it's a snow day."

25. "Paradise is actually a winter day in NYC."

26. "There's snow place like NYC in the winter."

27. "'Tis the season to be freezin'."