26 Captions For Your Popsicle Pics This Summer & Sharing The Sweet Life On The 'Gram

Since you were a kid, you've loved running after the ice cream trucks that drive down your street, and ask for the most colorful pop on the menu. On some occasions, you've ordered a cherry or blue raspberry-flavored one. Others, you've opted for something with a milk chocolate coating, a waffle cone, and lots of rainbow sprinkles. Now, with summer right around the corner, you have those sweet treats on your mind again. You're searching for captions for popsicles and preset packs that'll make your frozen snack shine on your Instagram feed.

I don't blame you one bit. Like you, I post pictures of my favorite foods on my social media accounts on the reg. I throw filters on them, courtesy of the best editing apps on my phone, and caption them with puns like, "You stole a pizza my heart," or "The s'more the merrier." Then, I anxiously wait for them to rake in the likes, comments, and text messages saying, "Where did you get that?"

In those moments, I always consider starting an entirely new profile dedicated to food, cuisine, and my favorite places to eat. There, I would post all of my tasty #content, including colorful smoothies, bowls of pasta, and dreamy cupcakes. But after trying to come up with a catchy name for this profile, I end up sticking to the status quo. (*Cue the High School Musical tune.*)

I turn my focus to notifying you on the latest Instagram trends and coming up with witty, clever, and dad-approved captions that will make your popsicle shine. You can thank me later for giving you the inside scoop with something sweet from the ice cream truck.

Treasures & Travels/Stocksy

1. "Peace, love, and lots of popsicles."

2. "Keep it sweet like a popsicle."

3. "With a popsicle, anything is possible."

4. "Popsicle lover since birth."

5. "Some things are mint to be."

6. "Don't be a bummer, enjoy the summer."

7. "BRB: Going to the ice cream truck."

8. "You make me melt."

9. "There's no finale in the Game of Cones."

10. "Life is better with some sprinkles."

11. "A balanced diet is a popsicle in both hands."

12. "Everything is fine when there are popsicles and sunshine."

Marija Savic/Stocksy

13. "Paradise is anywhere with popsicles."

14. "The ocean is salty, but my popsicle is sweet."

15. "My heart melts whenever I'm with you."

16. "I don't want the tea. I want the latest scoop."

17. "Let's spend the weekend chilling out."

18. "I'll stop the world and melt with you." — Modern English, "I Melt With You"

19. "Dear, popsicles. You're my favorite."

20. "There's a 100% chance it's sprinkling out."

21. "Why does everyone invite ice cream to the party? It's cool."

22. "You've just been served."

23. "Follow the call of the ice cream truck."

24. "Sweet dreams are made of popsicles."

25. "Scoop, there it is!"

26. "You cone do it."

Studio Firma/Stocksy

Next to a freshly-squeezed glass of lemonade, popsicles really are the sweetest thing about summer. They're arguably as sweet as your BFF, who always lends you a dollar when the ice cream truck rolls by, and your pup, who barks so that you don't miss the chance to get a delicious treat. (OK, maybe not them. But you get the point.)

They're even sweeter than me, who gave you a bunch of captions for your next Instagram post of your popsicle. Honestly, it's my pleasure. You're living the sweet life, and that deserves to be shown off on social media.