Schitt's Creek Quotes For Graduation

25 'Schitt's Creek' Quotes For Graduation & Loving This Journey For Yourself

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You did it — you're graduating, and really loving this journey for yourself. You're just like Alexis in Schitt's Creek, who worked hard to finally get her high school diploma. But before you head off on your next grand adventure, you need to celebrate. There's no better way to do that than to party with your friends, snap a few graduation pics, and post them on the 'Gram with a Schitt's Creek graduation quote.

Hopefully your graduation isn't filled with a bunch of scheduling conflicts like the Roses had in the Season 3 finale episode, "Grad Night," so everyone can be there to celebrate you. After all, you want to be showered with love and congratulations for all your hard work. That's even more reason to post some cute graduation pics online. Snap a picture of you in your "black dress" and "hat with the thing on it" — aka your cap and gown, according to Alexis. Make sure you get a group pic with your fam. You could even snap some candid pics of you and your besties dancing around to "A Little Bit Alexis" at your graduation party, while eating some enchiladas with the cheese folded in. Since you have so many party plans, don't stop the fun trying to come up with your own caption when there are these 25 Schitt's Creek graduation quotes and inspiring words from the Rose family that you can use instead.

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  1. "OK. Well, I would love to, but I have my high school graduation on Friday." — Alexis
  2. "It's bad enough that I have to wear that unflattering black dress and then the hat with the thing on it in front of people I don't know." — Alexis
  3. "I was at your first graduation and it's not my fault you weren't there." — David
  4. "You want to be seen and heard and loved." — Moira
  5. "Because only you know who you are." — Moira
  6. "One must champion oneself and say, 'I am ready for this!'" — Moira
  7. "We all have to go, David, unless you have some special excuse." — Moira
  8. "I wish everyone remembered special days like that, but, alas, that's not what this world is anymore." — David
  9. "Big day!" — Johnny
  10. "So, um, I guess I should go. I have my graduation tonight, so..." — Alexis
  11. "There's a provincial romanticism to all this that's just terrifying and important." — Sebastien Raine
  12. "He used to say, 'One foot on the ground, one foot on the pedal, and then get the hell out of here!'" — Twyla
  13. "Small minds don't reach for the stars." — Moira
  14. "Wow, look at you. You are radiant." — Moira
  15. "Oh, I'd advise against the mortarboard. It'll flatten your hair and pull focus away from that beautiful face." — Moira
  16. "Love that journey for me." — Alexis
  17. "You'll soon learn that we aging mortals are blessed with weakening eyes and memories so we don't have to really see ourselves." — Moira
  18. "Well, I think everyone has to wear one." — Alexis
  19. "You've worked very hard and now that you've done this, the world is gonna open up wide for you." — Moira
  20. "I'm gonna have to look at those photos before you share them or post them." — Alexis
  21. "Baby I'm yours. And I'll be yours until the stars fall from the sky." — The Jazzagals singing "Baby I'm Yours"
  22. "Happy Day, Alex and Davis." — David
  23. "For we're all jolly good people." — David and Moira
  24. "You have an opportunity to climb out of the quicksand that was your past and stand firmly in the present. Let us celebrate that." — Moira
  25. "Nothing is a sure thing. Which is why you should look at every opportunity as a pearl in an un-shucked oyster." — Moira