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25 Captions For Mickey-Shaped Food & The Most Magical Disney #Content

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In my opinion, there's no character more iconic than Mickey Mouse. You see those three circles and instantly know who it is. As a matter of fact, Mickey is a fashion icon who made it so cool to walk around with a pair of mouse ears on your head all day long. But out of all the Mickey-shaped things you can get at Disney, your absolute favorite might be the food. From savory pretzels to sweet beignets, food in the shape of Mickey Mouse is around every magical corner. And if you're a hardcore foodie like me, you'll need Mickey-shaped food captions for your delicious snaps.

Having to choose which Mickey-shaped treat is my favorite is far too difficult. That's why each Disney visit is a prime opportunity to try another fave. One day could be a Mickey-shaped ice cream kind of day, and the next could be a Mickey pretzel with cheese kind of day. I also would be mad at myself if I didn't give a notable shoutout to the cutest Mickey-shaped treat ever: Mickey waffles. There are also beignets in New Orleans Square, and Rice Krispie Treats you can find at any of the bakeries.

Of course, for a snack that cute, you'll need to take a picture of it before your first bite. When you're ready to post that pic on the 'Gram, pair it with any of these 25 Mickey-shaped foodie captions. They'll help you rake in all the likes for such an ear-resistible treat.

Rachel Chapman

1. "If it's Mickey-shaped, I want to eat it."

2. "I'm saving room for Mickey-shaped food."

3. "Things just taste better when they're Mickey-shaped."

4. "Try the Mickey-shaped stuff, it's delicious. Don't believe me, ask the dishes."

5. "I'm sorry for what I said before I had my Mickey-shaped food."

6. "I love Mickey waffles a waffle lot."

7. "Don't get it twisted, I love Mickey pretzels more than anything."

8. "If it's Mickey-shaped and covered in powdered sugar, I want it."

9. "You're the only one I'd share my Mickey-shaped food with."

10. "Don't be salty. I don't share my Mickey pretzel with anyone."

11. "I'm screaming over here for Mickey-shaped ice cream."

12. "It's ice to meet you, Mickey."

Rachel Chapman

13. "Bon appétit to the one who started it all."

14. "This Mickey treat has me smiling from ear to ear."

15. "Let's pretzelebrate a Disney day."

16. "I'll stop the world and melt with this Mickey-shaped ice cream."

17. "Everything looks more magical when it's Mickey-shaped."

18. "I don't just like Mickey-shaped food... I love it."

19. "These Halloween Mickey treats are way too cute to spook."

20. "It's unfair to ask me to pick a favorite Mickey-shaped treat."

21. "I've got a rumbly in my tumbly for some Mickey-shaped food."

22. "The Mickey to my Minnie."

23. "I need a fast pass to all the Mickey-shaped food."

24. "It's almost too cute to eat... almost."

25. "I'd hate to keep Mickey waiting, so I must go eat now."

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