25 Instagram Captions For Beach Hair Pics & Showing Off Your Messy Bun In The Sun

When you're at the beach, you don't have a worry in the world. You don't stress about the exam grades you're waiting to hear back about, or the fact that your fridge needs to be filled with groceries. Those thoughts are washed away with the waves for the time being, because you're living on salt time. To truly put things in perspective and show how much the sun, sand, and surf cures your soul, I'm going to say that you don't care much about how your hair looks, either, when you're hanging in the salty air. However, you do care about having some Instagram captions for beach hair pics and showing off your perfectly messy blonde curls, braids, and buns.

You want to give your salty hair its moment on social media, because you can never get it to look so adventure-filled at home. No matter how many tutorials you watch on YouTube on how to twist your hair into a topknot, or trial runs you do in the morning when you're already running late to work, you just can't seem to get it to look messy, yet so cute. (It's almost like you have to go to the beach to achieve that look. Darn!) Most of the time, you just throw your hair tie down on the bathroom counter and let out an, "Ugh!"

I know the struggle, and it's very real. But lucky for you and me, summertime is a guarantee for many good beach hair days. After just a few hours spent with the ocean or playing a lively game of beach volleyball in the sand, the seemingly most difficult beauty looks can be achieved. No hairdresser, special products, or saved #inspo pics required.

What is required, though, are some captions for showing off your 'do on social media — your beautiful messy bun in the sun. I've gathered up 25 captions so that you can choose your favorite. Just invite me to your next beach hang as a "thank you," OK?

Andrey Pavlov/Stocksy

1. "Easy, breezy, and beachy."

2. "Salty hair and ocean air found here."

3. "Sun's out, messy buns out."

4. "Where there's a will, there's a wave and a braid."

5. "My hair has some salty vibes right now."

6. "Blue skies, denim shorts, and some salty hair."

7. "Good hairstyles happen on the tides."

8. "Girls just wanna have messy buns."

9. "The only B.S. I need is my bun and the sun."

10. "My messy bun is getting kissed by the sun."


11. "I don't need a man. I need a messy bun and a tan."

12. "This hairstyle is brought to you by the beach."

13. "All tangled up in the sun and salt air."

14. "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's the beach."

15. "So many heart eyes for my hair after the beach."

16. "Sunshine, smiles, and some pretty sweet lookin' hair."

17. "The ocean has my heart and my hair."

18. "The saltwater is my favorite hair stylist."

19. "Messy bun and getting nothing done."

20. "My hair is on a wild adventure."

Andrey Pavlov/Stocksy

21. "Just keep slaying."

22. "Such a beach babe."

23. "Beach hair, don't care."

24. "Live a messy bun kind of life."

25. "Serving looks and sunsets."

There are so many reasons why you love summer. But your hair situation during the warmest season of the year is definitely at the top of the list. Sure, on those humid days when you're running through the sticky subway stations and standing directly in front of the air conditioning in your apartment, it's not so ideal.

But then you go to the beach and your soul is cured. You take your hair tie from your wrist and throw your curls into a messy bun, or your straight, long locks into a sweet braid. In that moment, you feel invincible and like you really need to hit the "share" button on Instagram to show off your beachy, beautiful #look.