People Are Tweeting The Signs You're Entering The Friend Zone & It's Absolutely Brutal

by Candice Jalili
New Line Cinema/Just Friends

There are all sorts of torturous activities out there: poking your eyeballs out, swallowing your puke back down your throat when you throw up a little in your mouth while you're in public, watching an entire marathon of Days of Our Lives, and sitting through the entirety of an international flight with a broken TV and no WiFi. But finally, the worst, most unique and treacherous pain of all is being stuck in the friend zone. And these tweets about the signs you're in the friend zone are way too relatable — because so many of us know what this awful feeling is like.

If you've ever been in the friend zone, read along with these tweets and laugh before you cry. If you've never been in the friend zone, um, first of all, who are you?? Second of all, LUCKY. But third of all, read along and get a real flavor for what it's like when the one you love doesn't love you back in quite the same way. In the tweets below, people went ABOVE AND BEYOND in relating what it's like to be in the friend zone to a weather report, from clever puns to straight up sad forecasts that remind you how cold and lonely unrequited love really can be.

It's like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but different.

What's the worst thing your friend could say? Oh, yeah... that.

You can look forward to a foot of something other than snow.

There's a super high chance of you not getting any action.

It may be sunny, but there will always be some shade.

It's not you, it's me... sort of.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of your feelings cooling off are slim.

You can look forward to being friends forever.

No matter how badly you want it to change, your love life is going to remain icy.

It's like Netflix and chill, minus all of the fun parts.

The most action going on for you will be the weather.

Things will be very, very dry.

But they'll also be kind of wet... in an alone-in-the-rain-without-an-umbrella sort of way.

Maybe things will happen... when the burning pits of hell somehow manage to turn to ice.

Despite those brief flashes of passion, it'll mostly be cold vibes between you two.

It'll be hopelessly dry.

Make sure to pack an umbrella. You'll need it.

It will start off hot and wind down cool as ice.

Best. Pun. Ever.

Look forward to lots and lots of cold showers.

This will be a confusing time for you.

Yes, it will be dry, but there will be one thing to make things wet: the tears you cry.

You'll be the only person touching yourself.

Don't look forward to things warming up any time soon.

Now, tell me these weren't the most accurate depictions of being in the friend zone you've ever seen. Also, are you as impressed with these people's ability to make weather puns as I am?

If you're stuck in the friend zone, let me offer you a piece of advice: First and foremost, have you told the person you have feelings for that you have feelings for them? That's the first (and most terrifying) part. I know that risking your friendship by telling them how you feel can be terrifying, but how strong was the friendship in the first place if it crumbles because of your unrequited feelings?

Once you've told them how you feel, the ball is in their court. If they feel the same way, then great! I'm so happy for you two! If they don't share your feelings, it's time to put all your energy into moving on.

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