24 St. Patrick's Day Puns For Instagram That'll Shamrock Your World This March


In the words of Michael Scott from The Office: "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious." And like the World’s Best Boss, you might believe in luck and all the good fortune that comes along with it. You might wait for shooting stars to cross the night sky, or search for four-leaf clovers in the middle of March. Lucky for you, one of the luckiest days of the year is right around the corner, which means you need some St. Patrick's Day puns for Instagram and all things green.

This St. Patrick's Day, you may be gearing up to attend a lively parade in clover-shaped sunglasses, and watch those movies you loved growing up, like Leap Year and The Luck of the Irish. Your hometown or city might be hosting pub crawls for your crew, or traditional feasts where you can try beef stew and cabbage.No matter what your plans are, they’re bound to shamrock your world and inspire your followers to celebrate the holiday, too.

In the spirit of March 17th, they might head into New York City and watch people dressed up like leprechauns wander down the major avenues. They might put green glitter in their hair, and hope that any luck they find reverses the effects of Mercury retrograde. On the other side of the screen, you’ll be taking and posting a bunch of pictures of your best friends smiling and enjoying being in paddy mode. Post one of those pictures on social media, after applying filters from the best editing apps of the year. Choose one of these 24 captions to go along with the festivities.


1. "You're my lucky charm."

2. "Shamrockin' and rollin' with my best friends."

3. "I'll never get clover St. Patrick's Day."

4. "Irish every day could be St. Patrick's Day."

5. "The paddy don't start until I walk in."

6. "Did someone say shenanigans?"

7. "Irish you were here."

8. "I lepre-can't even right now."

9. "You're the cutest clover in the patch."

10. "We like to paddy."

11. "This holiday always shamrocks my world."

12. "Zero lucks given on St. Patrick's Day."


13. "Can't pinch this."

14. "Don't worry, beer happy."

15. "I'm in parade and paddy mode."

16. "Let's parade the snack table and celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

17. "Words cannot espresso how much I love St. Patrick's Day."

18. "Thank brew very much for celebrating St. Patrick's Day with me."

19. "My best friends are looking pitcher-perfect in green."

20. "St. Patrick's Day has stolen a pizza my heart."

21. "I be-leaf in the clovers and magic of St. Patrick's Day."

22. "Don't leaf before the night is over."

23. "Wear green or leaf."

24. "Irish you a very happy St. Patrick's Day!"

25. “Get clover it, babe.”

26. “Cheers for green beers and golden times.”

27. “Not your average lucky charm.”

28. “Blame it on my Irish side.”

29. "Just took a DNA test. Turns out, I'm 100% Irish."

30. “All leprechauns and paddy people are welcome here.”

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