23 Justin Timberlake Lyrics For Your Super Bowl Instagram Captions

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Super Bowl LII is right around the corner, and if there's any reason to learn your football phrases and rules, it's because Justin Timberlake is performing this year for the halftime show. We could always use a little more JT in our lives, because his vocals will forever make us swoon. So, to ring in this year's big game, using Justin Timberlake lyrics for your Super Bowl Instagram captions is in order. Luckily, you have plenty to choose from.

Justin has been blessing our ears with albums like FutureSex/LoveSound, and The 20/20 Experience. His latest 2018 album Man of the Woods is oh-so-timely, coming out on Friday, Feb. 2 right before Super Bowl Sunday. Who knows how he's going to musically collaborate music from some, if not most, of his hit records, but we are more than excited to find out. JT is an excellent performer, and you never finish watching him in action without feeling totally exhilarated and energized by what he delivered. This time around, we all get to watch him for free at one of the most iconic sports games of the year.

It's difficult to not hope for a *NSYNC reunion if the first adored image you cherished about Justin was when he had the Ramen-like hair and the iconic way of saying, "It's gonna be me." Those hits were the best and definitely burned a place in our sincerely passionate, boy-band-loving hearts. Let your Super Bowl Instagram pics really make a touchdown in the football spirit by adding any of these lyrical kicks to them.

If you're feeling competitive.

1. "'Cause if they study close, real close, they might learn something." — "Suit&Tie," The 20/20 Experience

2. "I bet you didn't think that they would come crashing down." — "Cry Me a River," Justified

3. "Now there's just no chance." — "Cry Me a River," Justified

4. "Is this the way it's really going down?" — "What Goes Around.../ ...Comes Around," FutureSex/Love Sounds

5. "I see something that money can't buy." — "Señorita," Justified

6. "Tonight's the night, come on surrender." — "Take Back the Night," The 20/20 Experience

7. "They gon' try to shut us down, but I'll be damned if we gon' let them." — "Take Back the Night," The 20/20 Experience

If you're excited, but have no idea what's going on in the game.

8. "Just so confused about it." — "What Goes Around.../ ...Comes Around," FutureSex/Love Sounds

9. "I gotta set the mood right." — "Until the End of Time," FutureSex/LoveSounds

10. "Stay out here living the life." — "Take Back the Night," The 20/20 Experience

11. "Dizzy, spinning, sweating, you can't catch your breath." — "Take Back the Night," The 20/20 Experience

12. "Everybody's looking for the fliest thing to say." — "Spaceship Coupe," The 20/20 Experience

If the team you're rooting for wins.

13. "Cry me a river." — "Cry Me a River," Justified

14. "What goes around, goes around, goes around. Comes all the way back around." — "What Goes Around.../ ...Comes Around," FutureSex/Love Sounds

15. "Is this how we say goodbye?" — "What Goes Around.../...Comes Around," FutureSex/Love Sounds

16. "I can't stop the feelin'." — "Can't Stop The Feeling!," Trolls

17. "And then we fly far away, far away, far away." — "Spaceship Coupe," The 20/20 Experience

If your team loses.

18. "You just gotta be strong." — "Mirrors," The 20/20 Experience

19. "But you still deserve the crown." — "Señorita," Justified

20. "Nobody cares who we are tomorrow." — "Take Back the Night," The 20/20 Experience

21. "Bittersweet thing, could this be a dream? Or just the same nightmare that keeps me awake?" — "Drink You Away," The 20/20 Experience

22. "Don't they make a medicine for my heartbreak?" — "Drink You Away," The 20/20 Experience

23. "Now that I know the truth, what am I supposed to do?" — "Tunnel Vision," The 20/20 Experience

It'll be interesting to see if and how Justin Timberlake will incorporate his new album in his halftime show performance. JT doesn't disappoint.