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22 Texts A Scorpio Sends When They're In Love, So Take Notes

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Scorpio is more than just a water sign; they're more like a steamy hot water sign. Whether they've been dating someone for a day or a decade, this scorpion's feelings radiate more heat than the sun. In fact, just hearing about the texts a Scorpio sends when they're in love will make you so hot, you'll be fanning yourself.

"Scorpios aren't the folks for mincing words," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Elite Daily. "They are better at listening than talking. It's part of how they like to stay private and get to know your secrets. They don't need to ask; they wait for you to tell them."

According to Mckean, Scorpios practically invented sexting. Visual and romantic, Mckean shares that your Scorpio lover is more likely to send you a sultry photo or a GIF of an inside joke, rather than a text that reads, "I miss you." "Connection is the core of what they need from a relationship," Mckean says. "Connecting includes talking, sharing secrets, finding out what makes you tick, observing you without you knowing, and, most importantly, a sexual encounter like no other."

Sultry and shameless, here are 22 texts that water sign Scorpio is likely to send their lover.

  1. Tell me a secret that you've never told anyone else.
  2. What really turns you on?
  3. What are you passionate about? What sets your heart on fire?
  4. This morning when you were sleeping, I was listening to you breathe and thinking about how amazing you are.
  5. 'Send nudes.' — astrologer Lisa Stardust.
  6. I was just thinking about last night at work, and I had to excuse myself from my desk.
  7. I care for you so deeply, and being with you means more to me than I could ever describe.
  8. What are you wearing right now?
  9. I never knew I could be so happy with someone.
  10. I’ve been thinking and dreaming about you all day!
  11. Tell me about your most romantic fantasy.
  12. I wish I were holding you right now.
  13. You’re my one and only!
  14. What I would give for a few more minutes in bed with you.
  15. I just want to kiss every part of your body.
  16. I couldn't stop thinking about you in the shower this morning.
  17. I can't go a minute without thinking about you.
  18. You've taught me what it's like to love and be loved.
  19. I can't imagine my life without you.
  20. I cherish you.
  21. I will always love you! *Whitney Houston voice*
  22. You'll never guess what I have planned for us later.

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