8 Scorpios Reveal The Trick To Dating Them, So Tune In

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Scorpios have a brooding intensity that can be downright enchanting. They are one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, with a firm outer shell that an be tough to crack. As water signs, these individuals have a deep wealth of connectivity with their emotions. They also have a very discerning eye for genuine connections, risky relationships, and people that are not necessarily worth their time. Because of their boldness, this sign can be a bit hard to read. It honestly might help to hear a few Scorpios reveal the trick to dating them because sometimes it can be really useful to go directly to the source.

You may be surprised to hear that Scorpios are loyal AF and when they fall in love, they fall hard. As a result, their intense feelings are like icebergs: only a portion of them are truly visible. Beneath their walled exterior, there's a depth to this sign that is vast and incredibly varied. These folks can sometimes feel like a bit of an outsider, as evidenced by Scorpio musician Frank Ocean's song "UFO," in which he sings lyrics like, "I came to visit 'cause you see me like a UFO." Put plainly: Scorpios can seem cold, aloof, and a tad intimidating. But on the inside, they have a sprawling landscape of feelings, intuition, and desire for an intimate connection with a few special people.

If you're trying to crack the code of your Scorpio crush, the following insight might be a big help.

Affirmation goes a heck of a long way.
I need words of affirmation about what's going down between us, especially if I've been vulnerable. If I don't have that, my fear and self-preservation kick in, and I will self sabotage a good thing. Literally, if you don't tell me when something is up or that you need time alone, this gif (above) happens whence you return.

— Jess, 27

Trust is super important to Scorpios.
No, but seriously, if I can't trust you I'm not gonna tell you sh*t... if you are someone I love I will be understanding and accommodating sometimes, but still rigid AF. You'd better be honest with me, or I will be really hurt... then if we love each other like we say we do, we can overcome that pain/or betrayal and become better humans.

— SheSeesTheMoonligh

They love acts of service.
It's really tough. Platonic relationships are quite distant. Not bad or anything, just prefer to be alone than around friends. Romantic relationships are heavy, important, deep....I'd do almost anything for my significant other. It's funny; I kinda put him on a pedestal compared to everyone else. But no matter what type of relationship my first instinct is to be more of a quiet listening type person. I don't feel the need to say things that are meaningless. I'd rather hear what's going on with my counterparts than telling them about what's going on with me.


They have a reason for their silence.
There are people I will never talk to again, and I still love them. Some of those relationships ended badly because of the other person, and some were my fault. I am a firm proponent of no contact with exes. Staying in touch keeps me from falling for someone that is right for me.

— Somali, 25

Sexual intimacy is crucial.
I really need to connect with someone sexually. If we have sex and it isn't amazing, I usually have a feeling that we're not compatible. It's one of the stereotypes about us that feels pretty accurate.

— Sophie, 27

You need to take a step back from the drama.
LMAO, the other person needs to realize we are emotional reactors before logically trying to understand. I operate fine until negative energy comes because I can’t easily pull myself out. If you and your partner can go through methods to raise each other up in times of weakness, so they aren’t freaking out with you (I feel Scorpio is like a vortex that’s magnetic AF) then that would help.


When you know, you know.
When I fall for someone, I really freaking fall and it's scary as hell. So, yeah, I usually have a wall up, but that's for my own good. I always fall for someone and then can't even explain what I feel. I think my 'one who got away' ex thinks I didn't care about her at all when truly, I'm still not over it.

— Alex, 22

The intensity can be a good thing.
My partner is a water sign, and we can kind of feed off of each other's intensity. We have really good sex. Sometimes, though, that can mean that we spiral together when things are hard. I think it's important for my partners to know that I am committed and invested, but opening up is hard.

— Rach*, 24

Honestly, I would love to know what the Scorpios I've dated in the past would add to this list. If you've fallen for a Scorpio, these quotes can give you more insight into their hard Scorpion-like exterior because on the inside, they're pretty soft.

*Names have been changed.

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