21 Subtle Ways To Show Your Partner You Love Them If You're Not Big On Grand Gestures

by Christy Piña

It's normal to love your partner so much that you want to shower them with love and presents and luxurious things all the time, but you don't need a Grand Romantic Gesture to tell bae you love them. In fact, there are tons of subtle ways to show your partner you love them, and you can do several of them without even having to leave the house! Honestly, sometimes the little things you do for your partner as your way of making sure they know you love them can mean even more than any grand romantic gesture you can plan.

Saying "I love you" to your SO is only one of the many ways you can show them just how much you care about them. But whether you're saying those three little words or showing your love differently, "love needs to be communicated one way or another," Bette Alkazian, a licensed marriage and family therapist, previously told Bustle. "If there is open communication in a relationship ... it can bridge the gap of understanding."

These 21 subtle ways to let your partner know just how strongly you feel about them can make a huge difference in the quality of your relationship, especially if you make a habit of doing them. Your bae will appreciate them, and you, so much for it.

1. Do something nice for your partner just because.

2. Talk about your future together.

3. Express interest in their hobbies.

4. Ask about their loved ones, and show them that you care.

5. Call bae for no reason besides just wanting to hear their voice, even if you saw them that morning.

6. Make them their favorite meal, and if you're feeling extra sweet, take it to them in bed.

7. If you see something in a store that makes you think of your person, get it for them.

8. Be open and vulnerable with them.

9. Ask them about their day, not because you feel like it's the nice thing to do, but because you genuinely want to know about it.

10. Do something you know they enjoy that you may not be the biggest fan of. (Without going beyond your boundaries, of course.)

11. Write them a letter for the h*ll of it, not because you have a special occasion coming up.

12. Plan a day where you do all the things they love.

13. Tell your partner when you're thinking of them, even at the most random times throughout the day. It'll make them smile.

14. Flirt!

15. Trust them with things you'd rather do yourself, even it makes you a little nervous.

16. Do something you always say you're going to do but never actually get around to.

17. Write bae little notes and leave them in places you know they'll find them.

18. Really listen to them when you can tell they just need someone to talk to, and even when they don't.

19. Give them alone time, if that's something they treasure.

20. Show interest in their problems.

21. Kiss and hug them for no reason at all.

And of course, a good, solid, honest "I love you," also never hurt anyone. Hearing "I love you," is important, and if paired with any of these 21 suggestions, will only confirm that you've got that loving feeling.