21 Quotes About Moms For Instagram Captions, Because You Love Her To The Moon & Back

The older you get, the more you realize you really love your mom not just as a parent — but as a best friend, too. In high school, you might not have admitted your true feelings and rolled your eyes when she would high-five your best friends after soccer practice. You may have been embarrassed when she pulled out your baby pictures at birthday parties, or picked you up from a date with your crush at the movie theater. But things have changed since then, and you know that even in those teen moments, you still appreciated her with your whole heart. Now, you're looking for some quotes about moms for Instagram captions and telling the entire world that you love her to the moon and back.

Let's be honest: What would you do without her? On weeknights, you might call her with all of your cooking and laundry questions, and send her text messages like, "How long am I supposed to let the chicken cook in the oven?" When you have big exams coming up at school, you call her up again and ask her to give you a pep talk. She always know exactly what to say, and you end the conversation feeling so much calmer, more refreshed, and ready to take on the world. You think to yourself, "Wow, moms really are superheroes."

Now, with Mother's Day right around the corner, you want to give some of that love and support right back. You want to shower your mom with fresh flowers, gifts, and breakfast food at her favorite brunch spot. Of course, you want to make a post on Instagram, too, telling the world that you love your mom endlessly. Be sure to use one of these 21 quotes in the caption section before hitting the "share" button, OK?

Marc Tran/Stocksy

1. "If moms were flowers, I'd pick you."

2. "Mom is a title just above queen."

3. "No matter your age, you always need your mom."

4. "Home is wherever your mom is."

5. "Happiness is seeing your mom smile."

6. "You are all kinds of amazing to me."

7. "I look over at you and see sunshine."

8. "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." — Abraham Lincoln

9. "You are so cool and intelligent and strong and fierce."

10. "If I know what love is, it is because of you." — Hermann Hesse

11. "To, mom: I love you and your super long voicemails."

12. "Her soul is fierce, her heart is brave, her mind is strong." — r.h. Sin

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13. "She is the sweetest badass you will ever meet." — J. Iron Wood

14. "I got it from my mama." —, "I Got It From My Mama"

15. "If you are a mom, you are a superhero. Period." — Rosie Pope

16. "Who run the world? Girls." — Beyoncé, "Run the World"

17. "I'm a strong woman because a strong woman raised me."

18. "Out of all the moms in the world, I'm so glad you're mine."

19. "To the world you're a mother, but to your family you're the world."

20. "The real heroes of the world are women like you."

21. "Oh my god, my mom was right about everything."

Did you find at least one quote that perfectly describes your mom? Sweet! Then, you're basically ready to celebrate Mother's Day and show her some appreciation for everything she's done for you. You may still need to grab a sentimental or funny card, a gift certificate to her usual caffeine joint, or an affordable present on Amazon. That part of the prep is pretty simple, though, and your Instagram post is what tells the entire world that you love your mom to the moon and back.