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21 Lines To Use When Your Bumble Convo Goes Stale

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If you've ever had a crush on a match that fizzled out before you even switched to text, you know how it feels to hit the dreaded conversation lull. Your chat just isn't flowing, no matter how strong it started off. A plateau can be a serious bummer, and if you're sitting there wondering, "What now?" don't panic. You might still be able to salvage the connection by trying one of these lines to revive a Bumble conversation.

If you can't think of anything specific, mining their profile for conversation-starters can help. That's what the photos and blurbs are there for, anyway. Did they take a cool trip you could use recommendations for? Do they know the hottest spot in town for pizza? Asking them about specific details could be your secret, conversation-reviving weapon. But if, after that, you're still coming up short, try one of the lines to use on Bumble below.

  1. You've got such good taste in music. What have you been listening to lately?
  2. Let's spice things up: Truth or dare?
  3. How do you deal with the Sunday scaries? (Asking for a friend.)
  4. What is it like to be a(n) [insert their job here]?
  5. You seem like you keep busy. What's your morning routine like?
  6. Are you an beer drinker or a wine person?
  7. Your dog is so cute, BTW! What's your favorite park to take them to?
  8. What should I cook for dinner tonight?
  9. I see you've read [insert book here]. What did you think of it? (Because I def have thoughts!)
  10. OK, I've been thinking about this and I have to ask: What's the biggest thing you've learned about yourself and other people this past year?
  11. What's your go-to lie when playing "Two Truths And A Lie?"
  12. You seem like someone who'd know all the best restaurants in town. What's your favorite spot?
  13. What's one thing people always say about you that's actually a total misconception?
  14. Looking for educational podcast recs. Do you have any good ones you listen to regularly?
  15. I'm sooo curious about your band. How did you get started?
  16. Whoa, cool pics. What's the best trip you've been on?
  17. Wow, those falls in your pic look gorgeous. How was the hike up there?
  18. So you like pizza. Dream toppings combination, go!
  19. What's one interesting thing that happened to you this week?
  20. You're into comedy? What did you think of [insert fave comedian here]'s special?
  21. I've been thinking about our conversation earlier and I'd love to get to know you better. You down to set up a FaceTime call?
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Don't be afraid to follow your curiosity. Did your match mention they were starting a new TV show? Follow up with them about how they liked it. Did they tell you they were studying for a major test? Ask them how it went. One of the best ways to revive a conversation is just to re-address an interesting point they already mentioned. Not only does it show you were paying attention, but also that you care enough to touch on the subject again after the conversation has fizzled out.

And once you've managed to revive the chat, switch to text as soon as you can. It's so much easier to respond to an iMessage that's right on your screen instead of tucked away on a dating app.