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15 First Texts To Send When Your Dating App Match Gives You Their Number


Transitioning from a dating app to texting can be tricky sometimes. It probably took some time to get your match's number, and when you finally do, you're probably eager to take things to the next level. But once you move off the app, what do you say? How do you keep the momentum rolling? Choosing the texts to send after matching on a dating app can be even trickier than composing your first message, but luckily for you, I have some suggestions.

Yes, there is always the trusty, "Hey, this is so-and-so from Bumble," but, um, yawn. You can be a little more creative than that. Your first text can make an impression, so it's worth showing a little bit of personality. That doesn't mean you have to immediately send them nudes or they'll move on (and if they do, this match probably isn't a good one anyway — unless you explicitly are looking for a steamier relationship). If you want to seamlessly transition from matching, to texting, to flirting, and finally to dating, then these text suggestions should get you there in no time. Press send and watch those three little dots bubble up faster than you can say, "Are you free for drinks on Thursday night?"

When You First Exchange Those Digits

Just because you have each other's phone numbers doesn't mean you have to immediately jump in at the deep end. You can ease into the transition from dating app messaging to texting by keeping it light, but still making your interest clear. Try one of these texts if you want to pique your match's interest without sending them running for the hills.

  • "I hope you like memes, because you can expect to receive a lot from me."
  • "Hey, it's that hottie you matched with on Tinder. What kind of trouble are you getting into today?"
  • "OK, you finally got my number! How are you going to use your remaining two wishes?"
  • "Now that you have my number, how long should I expect it to take before you request me on Snapchat?"
  • "Thank you for subscribing to the Daily Cheese Facts Club! You'll be receiving a new fun cheese fact everyday. Text 'cheesy' to get your fact of the day."
When You Want To Get A Little More Flirty

If you're feeling brave, it may be time for a text that's a little more suggestive. You may have swiped right, but if you really want your match to know that you're into them, some flirtation will probably do the trick. Here are a few texts you can send that aren't overtly sexual but will definitely let your match know that you're interested in more than just texting.

  • [Sent in two different messages] "OMG this hottie from Hinge just gave me their number. I'm so pumped." "Oh, how embarrassing. I meant to send that to my friend. But while I'm here, how's it going?"
  • "So which emoji are you going to put next to my name in your phone?"
  • "Now that you've given me all the basics, what else should I know about you?"
  • "Just so you know, sending cute selfies is always appreciated."
  • [Sent along with a hot selfie] "In case you needed a little pick-me-up today."
When You Want To Transition From Texting To Going Out

It's exciting when you get a great text convo going with a match, but I have a feeling that you'll eventually want to have a convo IRL. There's no turning back once you suggest a date — your match will know for sure now that you are interested. But it won't feel so scary if you go with one of these texts.

  • "Now that we've exchanged numbers, I think it's time to see whether you're as cute in person as you are in your photos."
  • "Pick one of the following emojis, and that's what we'll get for dinner on our first date: 🍕 🍣 🍔 🍝."
  • "Fun fact: I can eat a whole pizza in one sitting. Take me out for dinner and I'll prove it to you."
  • [Sent along with a picture of an outfit] "I've got an outfit planned out and nowhere to go. So where are you going to take me?"
  • "I've got a coin in my hand. Heads, you pay for our first date. Tails, I pay. Ready?"

You have nothing to lose, so go ahead and take the plunge. Worst case scenario: Your match isn't feeling it and you end up with a slightly bruised ego. Best case scenario: You'll get a chance to go shopping for the perfect first-date outfit.