10 Texts To Send Your Tinder Match After They Give You Their Phone Number

by Alison Segel

Exchanging numbers with a crush — what a rush! It feels like passing notes in high school all over again. It never really happens to me anymore, except for when some dude I'm talking to on Bumble or Tinder slips me his number and tells me he's done messaging and would rather text instead. But what are some texts to send your Tinder match after you've exchanged those digits? Because taking it from app to texting is kind of like the second base of online dating.

Moving a conversation from Tinder to texting is an integral part of the courting process. You gotta make sure your attraction is transferable and not just a swiping thing. And you can't just keep messaging on the app forever. That's a pen pal, not a partner. If you had great Tinder chemistry, it's important you keep that spark alive via texting, too. I hate when someone is great on the app, but then has no idea what to do once they're off it.

So here are some texts to send your Tinder match after they give you their phone number. Because you gotta make a good impression once you move to SMS, or SOS — your relationship might be over.

1. "Hi, It's Your Future Wife"

Because, when you're dating, confidence is key. Why not use the secret? Manifest this relationship into life!

2. "It's Me, The Hottest Person On Tinder"

Again, people will treat you how you treat yourself. Act like a prize! You are one! They don't know any different! You're talking to a complete stranger!

3. "You Should Know Who This Is Unless You've Exchanged A Lot Of Numbers Today"

....and then, you wait.

4. "Thank God We're Off The App"

Because no one wants to stay on the app forever. This is also a good way to detour into something like "So, when can we meet in real life?"

5. "Does This Mean We're Exclusive Now?"

I always like to come on a little too strong, because I think it gives a good indicator of my sense of humor. Stage five clinger much?

6. "Guess Who?"

If they don't know, then they've recently exchanged phone numbers with a lot of people, and that is a RED FLAG.

7. "Now, All We Have To Do Is Plan A Date"

If you want to move quickly from app to texting to meeting IRL, then this is the way to do it.

8. "Your Uber is here! JK, It's _____ From Tinder. Hi."

Apps these days — there are so many of them. People are finger banging in uberPOOLs, and falling in love with their Postmates delivery guys. So just make light of the bizarre ways we are all meeting our soulmates in the year of our digital, app-based lord, 2017.

9. "This Is So Exciting!"

Why not start off your first texts between each other with a little bit of enthusiasm? It's aways a fun, positive way to get the conversation going. You can even use more than one exclamation point if you'd like.

10. "What Are You Gonna Save My Number As?"

Are they going to use an emoji? Are they going to use my first and last name, or just refer to me as "Alison Tinder"? These are all questions I have. And how soon will it be before my contact information is changed to "Don't Pick Up?"

So if you're looking for something to text your Tinder match after you've exchanged numbers, why not give one of these options a try? It's a great way to get the conversation going and get plans for that first IRL date started.

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