21 FaceTime Date Conversation Starters That Easily Break The Ice

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Do you know what's more awkward than a FaceTime date? This isn't a setup for a joke — I truly can't think of anything quite as cringey. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but there's no denying that coming face-to-face with someone (for what may be the first time) via a pocket-sized screen is weird, to say the least. IMO, dating is tricky enough without having to navigate glitchy WiFi connections and unflattering front-facing cameras. If seeing your date's disembodied head on your phone screen makes your mind go blank, then these FaceTime date conversation starters may give you some inspo.

If you're feeling a bit shy, you can easily kick off a FaceTime date by establishing some facts about where they are and what they like. A little humor always helps break the ice as well, especially if you find FaceTime dates totally awk (or dating awk, period — you're far from alone there). If you're feeling bold, don't be afraid to get your flirt on. The best virtual dates are ones where the conversation is easy and engaging, and these FaceTime convo starters are a great way to put both you and your date at ease. Who's ready to have some fun?

Factual Openers
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If you want to play it safe, then stick to the facts with these easy convo starters.

1. "Is this your first FaceTime date? If not, what have your other experiences been like?"

2. "Would you rather meet someone in person or have a first date over FaceTime?"

3. "What's the significance of that poster hanging on the wall behind you?"

4. "What's the view like outside your window?"

5. "What were you up to before you called me?"

6. "What TV show are you watching right now?"

7. "What's the best movie you've seen recently?"

Funny Openers

To show off your personality, try one of these humorous openers to break the tension.

1. "So, did you clean your room before calling me, or am I the only one who does that?"

2. "Be honest: Are you currently wearing sweatpants?"

3. "Would you judge me if I told you I'm using a ring light right now?"

4. "Do you have any pets who might make a cameo appearance? I really want to say hi to a dog right now."

5. "What's the most awkward first date you've ever been on, and please don't say this one."

6. "What's the funniest or weirdest thing that's ever happened to you during a FaceTime call?"

7. "What's the most embarrassing thing in your room right now and what's the story behind it?"

Flirty Openers
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Feeling daring? Test the waters with one of these flirtatious lines.

1. "Want to see my bedroom? I can give you a virtual tour."

2. "Will you show me your bedroom? I want to feel like I'm actually there with you."

3. "Do you think pants are necessary for FaceTime dates? I don't."

4. "Are you alone right now, or do you have roommates or family members listening in? If you do, I'll try not to say anything too inappropriate."

5. "Was what your first impression of me when we first met/matched? I'd love to share my first impression of you if you're interested."

6. "Did you shave for this date? You have to guess whether or not I did."

7. "Guess what I was doing right before you called me? I'll give you a hint: It's something kind of naughty."

Just like with IRL dates, FaceTime dating fails are usually due to stilted conversation. The best defense against awkwardness is a good opening line, and being prepared with one will allow you to kick off your convo with confidence.