These 13-Word Love Stories Will Literally Punch You Right In The Feels

Do you think you could fit your entire love story into just 13 words? Sounds like a tall order, if you ask me. Nonetheless, people are doing it! The New York Times' Modern Love Story section is celebrating its 13-year anniversary by asking Twitter followers to share their very own 13-word love stories. Now, if that doesn't sound like a lot to you, let me suggest you give the exercise a go. I tried it out, and my story wound up being 110 words.

My boyfriend and I met over a year ago at a bar while on vacation for the Fourth of July. He asked me where I got my bucket hat, I made a totally inappropriate joke, and he responded to my totally inappropriate joke by getting down on one knee and "proposing" to me with a ring he had borrowed from my friend. (To be clear, we are not engaged. This was a joke.) After about four days of him pursuing me, we agreed to go on a first date when we were back in the city. The first date took place the day after my birthday, and the rest was history.

Yeah, I probably could have condensed that to something like "Met at bar. He was persistent. I fell in love for the first time," but WHERE'S THE FUN IN THAT? I got no detail to you there!

While my 13-word attempt was pathetic, people who responded to the Modern Love account were much more eloquent with their stories. Read along and prepare for your heart to feel all of those warm and fuzzy feelings.

He was the "dog of [her] dreams."

She was 30, and her midnight kiss was a 21-year-old whom she later married.

They got engaged after two weeks and have been together for 15 years since.

They were there for each other through thick and thin.

They started off as strangers, and then, they wound up together forever.

Have you ever heard of a deeper love than one between a girl and her laptop?

He was there for her through five surgeries and gave her what she needed to push through.

She always knows what he's looking for.

Their love traveled beneath the surface, and they loved each other anyway.

The love of a friend is all he needs.

They were best friends with the same sense of humor, and they became so much more.

Her love story was "worth the trouble."

"Distance, depression, or death" couldn't break these scientists' love story.

Her love story feels like waking up on Christmas morning all year 'round.

Not all great love stories have happy endings.

The love of her life started out as a pen pal.

Sometimes, even the rockiest beginnings have happier endings.

Their love story might give you some hope for finding your own love this Halloween.

Their loved survived the distance between them.

She was her lover's first everything, and 12 years later, they're still going strong.

His world brightened up after meeting the love of his life.

All right, now, didn't those love stories just hit you right in every feel? I mean, my personal favorite of these stories was obviously the one about the laptop, because let's be honest: What's more important to your day-to-day life than your trusted laptop?

Here's hoping we all find our own 13-word love story soon.

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