'The Good Place' fans tweeted about how the show never won an Emmy its whole run.

'The Good Place' Was Majorly Snubbed By The Emmys & Twitter Is Forking Pissed

by Dylan Kickham

At the beginning of 2020, The Good Place tugged at viewers' heartstrings by airing its incredibly emotional series finale. The daring afterlife comedy amassed a devoted fanbase over its four seasons, before creator Mike Schur chose to bring the series to a close with the ending he'd imagined from the start. Despite all the love for the inventive show, The Good Place never received an Emmy, and fans realized that after the 2020 ceremony came to a close, it never would. These tweets about The Good Place's Emmys snub express everyone's confusion as to how it never won a single trophy in its run.

The Good Place was nominated for several Emmys over the past few years, with Ted Danson and Maya Rudolph getting consistent nods for their roles as the afterlife architect Michael and the all-knowing Judge Gen, but it hadn't taken home any wins. Since its fourth and final season ended in 2020, this year's ceremony was the show's last chance to secure some Emmys gold, and it had a better chance of winning than ever before.

The Good Place had seven major nominations (a record for the show) at the 2020 Emmys, with first-time noms for stars William Jackson Harper and D'Arcy Carden. But the awards ceremony didn't have time for any comedy that wasn't Schitt's Creek this year. The feel-good sitcom from Dan Levy was also up for more awards than ever for its final season, and it wound up completely sweeping all the comedy categories. While Schitt's Creek fans were elated by the victories, the unfortunate side effect of the monopoly was The Good Place being snubbed yet again.

As fans began to realize The Good Place had gone its entire run without taking home a single Emmy, they vented about their frustration and confusion on Twitter.

While many The Good Place fans may be understandably disappointed to learn the show never snagged an Emmy, there are a ton of other iconic series that stood the test of time without winning a single Television Academy award either. Schur's series prior to The Good Place, Parks and Recreation, also achieved cult status despite never winning an Emmy, and Kristen Bell's breakout series Veronica Mars was also snubbed by the awards show for its whole run.

So, while The Good Place may not have gotten any Emmys love, it definitely got more than enough support from all of its fans, which is what really matters.