20 Things To Ditch Without Guilt Before The Ball Drops On New Year's Eve

This year is coming to an end quicker than any of us can say, "Thank you, universe." We all know 2017 had its ups and tremendously low downs, but we are ready to move forward, and that includes working on ourselves. Try not to overlook those things to change in your life before New Year's, because a little sprucing up of anything goes a long way.

Now, these aren't New Year's resolutions, per say. These are actually things you have been putting off forever because of slight laziness or busyness. You know that idea of facing the New Year with a clean slate? Well, tending to a few of these things will allow you to really embrace that freshness that's involved with rallying in a whole new time.

We can't change the way the previous year unfolded, but we can control how ready we are to start the new adventure that awaits. Seriously, we all know how a bunch of little things turns into one huge headache. And no matter how simple adjusting a couple parts of your life may seem, they genuinely alter how content you are with moving forward. So, if you want to be incredibly saddled up to gallivant towards the horizon of a fresh, brand new year, consider changing and ditching a few things in your life.

Those Old Emails That Are Sitting In Your Inbox

Get rid of them. As much as you may be a pro at overlooking that red notification on your phone, it'll give you some peace of mind. Besides, you might have something important in there.

That Scrunchy That Has Lost All Of Its Elasticity

It's hard to let go of cute, accessible scrunchies. They have saved more days than Superman. If your scrunchy has met its end though, let it go.

Those Recorded Shows On Your DVR

We love the luxury of recording shows we didn't get to sit down and watch. Many times, we've forgotten that we even recorded them. Getting rid of these un-watched shows on your DVR will relinquish that pressure of having to watch them.

That Mascara That Always Seems To Clump

Girl, new year, new you, right? New makeup is everything. We all know the miraculous wonders of a mascara that blesses our lashes, too.

That Wine Glass With The Chip In It

If only wine glasses were unbreakable. I mean, we'd honestly drink wine out of anything. That glass that is chipped can easily be replaced.

Those Old Contact Numbers In Your Phone

There's something so convenient about keeping every single contact number you've ever gotten in your phone. It's super frustrating when you're trying to contact someone ASAP and don't know which number is right. Save yourself the headache.

Those Books From Two Semesters Ago

I'm all for surrounding yourself with knowledge, but keeping old books you're never going to use or need again, creates unnecessary clutter. You've left those semesters behind. Shoot, you may even be able to make a quick buck.

Your Fur Baby's Old, Unused Toys

You love your pup, so chances are, you buy him a toy whenever you can. This means you can ditch the old ones. It's one less thing you have to trip over in the morning, amiright?

Those Clothes You've Been Meaning To Donate

Your heart's in the right place, but you haven't quite made your way to a donation box. It happens. Get that donation to the right place and you'll feel more accomplished than ever.

Those Gas Station Receipts In Your Car

Receipts in your car sure know how to stack up. We're usually grabbing gas so quickly that we overlook the paper tower we've created in the middle of our car. Unless you have a DIY paper mache project coming up, you should toss them.

Those Screenshots Of Past Convos

Let's face it, we've all taken screenshots of convos for some reason. We needed it for something, and likely forgot about it. Stroll down memory lane and do some deleting.

Those Batteries With No More Juice In Them

Usually, we don't know what to do with those batteries that have lost their juice. Recycling is always a good option. There's not much you can do with batteries that don't work, ya know?

That Perfume Bottle That Doesn't Have A Spritz Left

We'd like to think that our attempts to get those very last drops of perfume don't fail, but they do. It's prime time to break down and get a fresh new bottle. Step into the next year with the ease of spraying as much perfume as you want without the hassle.

Those Pictures Of You And Your Ex

No one needs a constant reminder of something that just didn't work. You don't really have any use for those old pictures. Leave the past in the past. Cut them out, literally, if you have to. It will feel so good, I promise! I mean, out with the old, and in with the new, right?

That Magazine Subscription You Never Read

Magazines are great and all, but with your busy schedule, the only thing you do is bring them in from your mailbox. No more leaning tower of magazines. Save your money.

That Eyeliner That Always Makes Your Eyes Water

Beauty really is pain when it comes to eyeliner, and it's time to ditch the inconveniently cute stuff. Finally, treat yo'self to an eyeliner that gives you the look you want without the water works. You deserve it.

That Frostbitten Ice Cream In The Back Of The Freezer

The only thing worse than uneaten ice cream is frostbitten ice cream, and we all have it stashed away in the freezer. Toss that stuff out ASAP, because it's gross AF. New year, new scoops.

Those Apps On Your Phone That You Hardly Use

Remember that app you downloaded for that one time thing? It's safe to let it go now. Make some space on your phone. Purging feels great.

Those Candles That Have Burned To The End

Man, do I love candles. That's why it's so hard to let them go when the wick has nothing left to burn. Do yourself a solid and go get yourself some new scented candles, girl.

Those Headphones That Only Work On One Side

When one side of your headphones goes out, the struggle is real. It's almost like the music doesn't even sound the same. Make your ears a priority. Your music misses you.

Oftentimes, we get so caught up in going and doing the next thing that we don't stop and address what we've been putting off. You deserve a clean slate. It's something you will enjoy every day, and thank yourself for.