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20 Texts To Send If You're Not In The Mood To Chat With Your Boo RN

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Not being in the mood to talk to your partner doesn't make you a bad person. Whether you're feeling crabby, stressed, distracted, or burnt out, you have every right to tell your SO you need some space, and it doesn't have to be awkward. There are plenty of texts to send your partner if you can't talk (or simply don't want to talk) right now that won't leave them feeling offended. And while it's best to be straight-forward with your boo, you don't need a good reason for not wanting to text. Sometimes, you're just not feeling it, and that's OK.

As Erica Gordon, dating expert and author of Aren't You Glad You Read This?, previously explained to Elite Daily, you shouldn't be afraid to let your partner know it's not a good time to talk. "This can be achieved in a more polite way than simply not responding to texts from your partner," she said. "You can simply explain that you are finding yourself less productive due to the constant texting, and you'd like to text less. Or, you can say that you'd like to catch up in person, because when you are apart you are often too busy with other things to text all day."

Here are some other easy ways to tell your person it's not a great time to text.

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1. Hey, I'm really sorry, but I've got a lot on my plate today. OK if we catch up later?

2. Sorry in advance if I don't text you back. I forgot to charge my phone last night and it's basically at 0%, so I'm trying to keep my phone usage to a minimum.

3. I can't wait to watch those videos you sent me, but I need to get some work done first.

4. I love you, but I was just about to take a nap. I'll text you when I wake up!

5. I've got such a bad headache today, and texting def isn't helping. Let's talk on the phone later instead.

6. I miss you so much, but this is literally the worst time. I'll text you back in a few hours!

7. Hi! Sorry, but I can't talk right now. I'll text you later on when I'm free.

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8. Don't judge me, but I'm feeling v lazy today and don't feel like texting. Let's just chat when I see you tonight.

9. I'm trying to limit my screen time as much as possible today, so sorry if it takes me longer than usual to respond.

10. I don't know what's going on with me today, but I'm not really in the mood to talk right now. Do you mind if we catch up later when I'm feeling better?

11. I'm afraid you caught me at a bad time. I'll hit you up as soon as I'm free though.

12. I've got a lot going on today, but I can't wait to hear more about your day later on tonight.

13. Hiiii. I'm currently hanging with a friend so I can't really talk right now.

14. Don't ask me why, but I'm feeling moody and antisocial today, so if I don't text you back, plz don't take it personally.

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15. I want to hear all about your day and tell you all about mine, but let's talk about it over dinner tonight instead of over text.

16. Sorry, I'm right in the middle of something. Let's talk in a bit?

17. Babe, I'd love to talk, but I'm in class/at work.

18. I'd love to chat, but I'm currently super distracted and need to ignore my phone. Give me a few hours and I'll be free.

19. Seeing your name pop up on my screen makes me so happy, but I seriously need to concentrate if I'm going to get this assignment done in time. Let's talk later.

20. I love you, and I love talking to you, but I'm just not in the mood to text right now. I'll give you a phone call later (and I promise I'll be feeling less cranky by then).

Don't worry about upsetting your partner — if they're reasonable, then they'll understand your need for a screen break.


Erica Gordon, dating expert and author of Aren't You Glad You Read This?

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