20 Texts You've Received From Mom That'll Make Every Millennial LOL

Every once in a while, you'll receive a text that truly makes you stop everything and laugh out loud. Sometimes, it's the perfect reaction GIF from your best friend, or a typo that takes on a whole new meaning. But the ultimate best are texts from mom that'll make every millennial LOL IRL. You've definitely been there before. Most moms are new to the world of social media and nonstop texting. Some of them would much rather call you to catch up, because it's a whole lot easier to talk than type on a tiny keyboard. Unfortunately, calling is out and texting is so in.

That's when you get the typical texts from your mom that always bring a smile to your face. You love that she's making an effort, but sometimes, she might make a hilarious typo or send a particularly cringeworthy GIF. Don't even get me started on the texts that require you to call ASAP, but are really just your mom reaching out to talk about your day. There are also times when your mom might not fully understand internet slang, and may misuse things like "LOL" and "BTW," or send the completely wrong GIF. Despite the mistakes, it's truly great when she tries.

My favorite texts are when my mom is just reaching out to say she loves me. No matter what it is, it's always the best when you get a text from your mom. That's why these 20 typical texts you might receive from her will instantly make your day. (Also, maybe this is a good reminder that it's always nice to give her a call so she can hear your voice, and you can hear hers.)

1. "[Your favorite actor] is on TV. You want me to record it?"

2. "Call me ASAP!"

3. "I saw it's raining where you are. Hope you stay dry."

4. "Are you OK? I haven't heard from you in a few days."

5. "Sending you LOL." (When mom really means "lots of love.")

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7. "Hey, Dad and I are going to the store. You want us to pick anything up for you?"

8. "I just called, but you didn't answer. I left a voicemail. Call me back when you get it."

9. "Hello, this is your mom."

10. "I ran into your third grade teacher today. I told her everything about you, and what you're up to now. She says, 'Hello.'"


11. "Howdoyouspace"

12. "[Sends picture of cat] The cat wanted to say hi."

13. "I found all the emojis. [a million smiley face emojis]"

14. "I saw on the news that there was [weather] near you. Are you OK?"

15. "[Literally just sends Bitmoji of her face]."

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16. "What does 'WTF' mean?"

17. "Why is there a smiling poop emoji in my phone? [insert smiling poop emoji]."

18. "Are my texts going through?"

19. "I saw this video on Facebook of a cat. It was funny. You should see it."

20. "BRB TTYL ILY. Did I say that right?"