20 Inspiring Quotes About Being Newly Single That Will Help You Move On

by Jamie Kravitz

Kicking off 2018 with a breakup may not have been the way you'd hoped to start your year, but here we are. If you are newly single, there are plenty of ways to cope with your post-breakup emotions. You can talk about it, write in a journal, or simply veg out with your favorite movie. You've got options. Sometimes, though, no matter how hard you try, you just can't distract yourself from thoughts of your ex. These 20 quotes about being single will help you heal when you find yourself in need of wisdom, or when your best friend repeating, "They're not worth your time" over and over is no longer cutting it (sorry, bestie).

Write the quotes that resonate with you on sticky notes. Then, put them on your mirror as daily reminders that it's OK to not be OK. Try using the below songs as inspiration for a girl power playlist (and put it on repeat). Maybe use your favorite quote for your first Instagram caption as a single lady. Or just bookmark and re-read this article until you no longer need it. Whatever works for you. If the advice and inspiration I've gathered tells you anything, it's that everyone experiences heartbreak — from authors to actors and everyone in between. And like you, they got through it.

Advice From Celebs Who Have Been There

1. "There are those breakups that are so bad that you will need a good cry and a pint (or two) of Ben & Jerry's. Let yourself have what you need. (Note: Hanging with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda will help too.) Let yourself go and let yourself obsess over every little detail of the breakup and the relationship. You will need to do this for yourself. You will need to allow your mind to take it all in so that by the time you get back up on your feet, you know how you feel." - Lauren Conrad,

2. "I was so scared of ever being alone, and I think, conquering that fear, this year, was actually bigger than any other transition that I had, this entire year." - Miley Cyrus on Liam Hemsworth, to Barbara Walters

3. "Once you're back on your feet — if you ever make it back on your feet — that's the ultimate achievement. I remember I was in New York ... and I woke up and I just knew I was over it. It was a different day. I felt different. I didn't feel lonely. I felt like I wanted to get up and be in the world. That was a great, great feeling." - Rihanna on Chris Brown, Us Weekly

4. "When I was going through a bit of a heartbreak a little while ago, I said to a friend, 'Wow, this really hurts!' And he said to me, 'That just shows you what your capacity for loving is.' I would rather have my heart broken a thousand times than never to love at all. I have so much love to give — I'm not empty of love, I'm full of love." - Cameron Diaz on Alex Rodriguez, InStyle

5. "Sh*t happens, you know? It's just young people… it's normal! And honestly, who gives a sh*t? The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can't predict." - Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart, Esquire UK

6. "I realize over the time we have shared together that I feel I care more about our friendship right now. It was my choice to break up, but I love her as a friend. She's been there for me when I needed her. I will continue to be her friend and be there for her." - Joe Jonas on Demi Lovato, US Weekly

Inspiring Words From Badass Female Characters

7. "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first." - Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

8. "The future is scary, but you can't just run back to the past because it's familiar. Yes, it's tempting, but it's a mistake." - Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother

9. "Not everybody has to be happy all the time. That's not mental health. That's crap." - Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

10. "I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination." - Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

11. "I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now." - Edna Mode, The Incredibles

Song Lyrics That Speak To Your Soul

12. "All the single ladies, now put your hands up!" - Beyoncé, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"

13. "Now I'm stronger than yesterday, now it's nothing but my way. My loneliness ain't killing me no more." - Britney Spears, "Stronger"

14. "I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine. I'm loving cloud nine, my head's in the sky. I'm solo, I'm riding solo." - Jason Derulo, "Ridin' Solo"

15. "We are never ever ever getting back together." - Taylor Swift, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

16. "Now I'm out here looking like revenge, feeling like a ten, the best I ever been." - Demi Lovato, "Sorry Not Sorry"

Quotes To Help Heal Heartbreak

17. "I regard romantic comedies as a subgenre of sci-fi, in which the world operates according to different rules than my regular human world." - Mindy Kaling

18. "If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello." - Paulo Coelho

19. "I think, therefore I am single." - Lizz Winstead

20. "This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something." - Elizabeth Gilbert

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