21 Memes That'll Definitely Make You Feel Better About Being Single In 2017

It’s almost a wrap for 2017, which means it’s that time of year where we all stop and take stock of where we are in life. If it just so happens you're ending the year without having gotten all coupled up with someone... well, so freaking what? Yes, love is amazing and finding your perfect partner would be great, but being single AF is totally underrated. You don’t owe anyone anything, and you come and go as you please. Plus, the memes about being single are just way better anyway. So, at least to you can laugh through the tears.

Who knows what 2018 holds? Maybe it’s the year you find your forever bae, but until then, you’re among an elite group who can unapologetically spend a weekend watching every episode of Gossip Girl on Netflix again, hook up with anyone — or no one — and pass on everyone else's drama. When you think about it, the single life really is amazing. That's not to say there isn't anything funny about it. In fact, some of my favorite memes are about embracing the awkward side of single life, because let’s be honest, it can also be hella awkward to be the last person without a plus-one. But that's what makes it so meme-worthy, right?

Here are 21 of the past year’s best memes about being single AF that are so true, they’re funny — but they also just maybe sting a little bit, in a good way. Let's all laugh and cry together.

1. When Being Single Might Mean You’ve Actually Got Super Powers

2. When You’re Single AF And Feeling Sexy AF

TBH, I'm about two cocktails away from being this woman on the daily.

3. When You Didn’t Need The Internet To Tell You Who You Are

Yes! Lean into being single. There is power in giving zero f*cks!

4. When It’s Time To Embrace That Single Life Stereotype

Sounds like my kind of Friday night, to be honest.

5. When You Realized Being Single Meant You Didn’t Owe Anyone Anything

Your life, your choices!

6. When You Never Let Them See You Cry

No partner, no problem.

7. When You Were Doing Recon On Future Bae And It Went Your Way

Be thankful for the little things, right?

8. When Our Single Queen Appeared And Went Viral

Not all heroes wear capes. Some just hold signs that show they DGAF about being single.

9. When Being Single Worked To Your Advantage

Texting is overrated anyway.

10. When You Realized You Don’t Need No Man

This is one way to do it.

11. When Your Single Status Turned The World Into Thirsty Avengers

*Insert GIF from number two in response.*

12. When You Just DGAF

Naps for president.

13. When You Realized You Loved You The Most

Why get a bae when you've got yourself?

14. When You Just Cringed At The Realness Of This

This is so real, it hurts.

15. When You Got Your Relational Priorities Straight

One question... where is pizza in this scenario?

16. When You Got To Spend Your Day Doing Only What You Wanted

Honestly, the dream.

17. When You Realized You Prefer The #SingleLife…

It's hard enough taking care of yourself.

18. …Because Everyone Else Out There Is A Hard Pass

Who knew the Wizard of Oz was so real?

19. When It Was Still Awkward AF Every Time Someone Asked You About Your Relationship Status

Brace yourself: The holidays are coming, and I think "banana" is a totally legit answer to questions about your love life.

20. For When You Stopped Being Afraid To Ask For Exactly What You Needed

Never be afraid to go after what you really want, ladies.

21. When You Realized You Can Rely On Yourself

Because, duh, of course you can.

Yes, it can be awkward, and occasionally lonely, when all your friends and family (and seemingly every stranger you see) are cuffed up and you are still a swinging single — but you won't always be. So don't sweat it. Just enjoy your freedom now, because who knows if 2018 is when you end up locking it down with someone.

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