20 Pieces Of Pearl Jewelry Under $70 That Are Fit For A Modern Mermaid

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Zara / Free People
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If recent collections by the most influential designers around are any indication, summer 2019 style is going to be about all things aquatic. Fish netted everything and shells are having a moment, but there's another more traditional way to channel the trend. Shop the best pearl jewelry under $70 below to add some ocean influence into your look while also rocking one of the most classic gems on earth...and in the sea.

Before you turn your nose up at the mentioning of pearls, know that these are not the kind that your grandma rocked during your childhood. They've gotten a throughly modern update and feel the exact opposite of stuffy or prim, so don't think they'll clash with your wardrobe or feel out of place. Pearls are now strung on strands of bright rainbow beads and used to adorn structural earrings; they're championed in their raw natural shape and used to adorn tiny charms. Trust me when I say that the pearl renaissance is real and that after perusing the below offerings you'll want to become a part of it. Channel your inner mermaid, pick out a few of your favorite pieces, and infuse your summer style with a festive iridescence.

Shell Yeah

Like the shell trend and want to rock pearls? These playful mini hoop earrings are the perfect answer. Featuring a dangling pukka shell and small pearl charms, it's equal parts elegant and beachy.

Works Of Heart
Drop It Like It's Hot

One of the more classic offerings within the roundup, this pair of pearl drop earrings embodies understated elegance.

It's All Rainbows
Hoop Stars

Shells and pearls combine once again in these super dainty earrings, which are the perfect accessories for any upcoming beach vacation your might have planned.

Linked In

Chunky chain links and pearls? Why not! Opposites attract in this statement necklace.

Draw Straws

Woven straw accessories are another huge trend this summer, but it's rare to see them in earring form. These are super special and unique.

Power Grids

Now these are earrings that will turn heads! Featuring an oversized gold pendant and curtain of pearls, they're extra incarnate.

The Life Aquatic

Like pearls, anklets are experience a resurgence in popularity. Why not combine the two born-again trends?

Raw Beauty

These are all kinds of gorgeous thanks to the pearls' natural, unrestricted shape and the light pink shell pendant.

Ring It Out

I'd take a dainty strand of pearls around my finger over a giant rock any day. Yes, I'm serious.

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